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Undoing Unworthiness

It can seem hard to believe that the reason we aren’t having the life we’d REALLY like to have is because we feel unworthy of it. When we FEEL unworthy it means we also BELIEVE we’re not worthy [1].

Who decides who is worthy and who isn’t? We do.

Time and again, I’ve seen people who felt completely blocked to having a life they loved shift [2] their experience by changing their minds. I know we talk about this often, but even though many talks about it – they don’t actually have the willingness to change their minds. And I know that prayer can help us with that.

I can think of the many people who’ve taken my classes and had the courage to do the inner work. Some of them were COMPlETELY convinced that certain things were out of their reach. They’d tried to bring their goals to fruition and failed enough that they were discouraged from trying anymore.

Then, instead of trying to MAKE things happen out there in the world, they worked on the inside, on their beliefs.

When their beliefs changed, their experience changed.
And that’s the definition of a miracle.

A miracle is a shift in thinking – a release of the blocks to Love and Wisdom always [3] brings a shift in our experience of life.

For me, one of the most extraordinary revelations I’ve had is that we’re so alike! MANY spiritual students believe that these spiritual tools work for other people, but not for them. Why?

They work for other people because other people are worthy. They are not bad.

They don’t work for them because they are not worthy, they are bad.

These are the beliefs that are the blocks to Love. And they can be undone.

Yes, it does take work.
It takes real and actual work.
And, it’s joyful [4] work.

If you know WHAT the actual work is that brings success [5], AND you have the support and encouragement to do it, it’s not such a mystery.

It becomes doable.

And then it can actually be done.

The biggest block to Love there is the belief that some are worthy of Love and some are not.
Since we’re all one, either everyone is worthy or no one is.
If we believe that one person is not worthy of Love, then we must also,
whether we know it or not, believe that WE are unworthy,
and then, of course, we’ll experience lack, attack, limitation, and separation.

We are the ones who choose the path of learning we take.

There is no need to learn through pain.” ~ A Course in Miracles

ACIM tells us that when we learn through the pain we will come to hate the world.
I know it’s true because I did use to hate this world and I no longer feel that way.

ACIM also says, “They hate the world they learned through pain. And everything they think is in it serves to remind them that they are incomplete and bitterly deprived.” In other words, we interpret the world as reminding us that we are unworthy, but we’re not. No one is unworthy of Love.

We can stop learning through pain and start learning through Joy and then we can discover a whole new life of Love.

Love is the way to a life of Love.
Love is our healer.
If we’re trying to solve a problem with something other than Love we’ll still have a problem.

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Let’s have fun lightening our load and learning through Joy!


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