When Things Don’t Make Sense

December 13, 2019

All is well with my soul, even when there’s confusion in my mind.

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Are you having a rough time right now? Many people are. Things don’t always go as planned, but they are always for our good. When times are tough or confusing that’s when A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson #25 is a big help to me.

”I don’t know what anything is for.”

I experience many things that don’t go as I thought, especially when I’m traveling. There are constant shifts and changes in this world. It’s the world of change. And when I’m tempted to say I don’t like something, I can relax my mind and the judgments and say:

I don’t know what anything is for.

Until I can see through all directions of time and space, and understand the causation of all things, how could I possibly know what all things are for? It’s absolute insanity for me to think I could know.

So many things happen that make no sense at all until we have a long view – and even then they may not make sense.

And when confronted with challenging situations and circumstances that are non-sensical, we must turn to faith in Spirit and a willingness to KNOW that we are loved and being cared for, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

When things are not to our liking, the ego-mind can go to the false concept that we’re being punished, but that’s not how God works. We don’t really know what things are for, except they are for our good – ALWAYS and ALL ways. In this, there are no exceptions. A willingness to KNOW this and see this bring the awareness of it.

Let me surrender my confusion and choose Peace instead.

Truth is always liberating. Always and eternally.

I don’t know what anything is for, but I’d like to.
I don’t know what anything is for, and it’s for my highest and best.
I don’t know what anything is for, and I can trust that it’s for my good!

Today I get to practice knowing the truth that sets me free.

Today is a day to relax the mind into accepting what is, and calling it good and very good, whether I like it or not! Today is a day that I can rest in the knowledge that I AM Loved.

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