Eliminating Playing Small

January 30, 2020

The whole world opens up when we have the courage to look within with Love.

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We continue to be in a time of great intensity. It’s absolutely clear to me that the intensity is going to continue. The pressure we’re all feeling is the pressure that produces the diamond.

We’re returning to our natural pristine state of awareness, and that requires that we become willing to “make a fearless moral inventory,” as they say in 12-Step programs. Not many people are up for that.

The pressure we feel is to support us in letting go of attachments, cravings, aversions, and addictive compulsive tendencies. If we cling to playing small, it’s going to be painful. In other words, to let go of self-sabotaging habits.

Let us not play small anymore.

A Course in Miracles warns us about the fear to look within. “The Holy Spirit will never teach you that you are sinful. Errors He will correct, but this makes no one fearful. You are indeed afraid to look within and see the sin you think is there.”

We play small because we’re convinced we’re sinners and unworthy of our magnificence. We self-medicate to hide from our feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy. And yet, we are not sinners. We are far from inadequate. We are the Light.

Let us look within to see what is real. Let us look within with kind eyes and compassion.

We are lifted and carried when we ALLOW Spirit to take the load of our self-judgment off of us. Let’s not attach our minds to thinking it’s hard or difficult or dense. It feels quite intense at times, but there are NO levels of difficulty in healing in the illusion.

We stay focused on expanding into living as our true Self, teaching only Love. Eliminating the self-sabotage and recovering all the energy we’ve invested in the habits of playing small enables us to make huge leaps forward. I see it every year in Masterful Living. Real people, real miracles.

Staying firmly on track with a vision of Love and healing requires the fire of DESIRE. It’s the fire of desire that burns away our complacency and despair, the hopelessness and ambivalence. It’s the fire of desire that burns away the attachments to playing small.

If this feels true to you, come join me in my End My Self-Sabotage Challenge this weekend. Spirit will do ALL the work of our awakening if we allow it. Our job is to call it forth and ALLOW it.

We don’t have to figure out HOW. Simply, allow. Don’t give up, give it UP!

Let’s focus on what we’d like rather than how to make it happen. Let’s ALLOW Spirit to do it FOR us.

One life, One Love, One Will.
God’s Will IS our will, for we are One with our Creator.

God’s Will be done in our hearts and minds, on Earth as it is in Heaven!

In my free class End My Self-Sabotage Challenge, we’re cultivating the ability to Love ourselves free of all resistance to living a life of Love, and we’re willing to look at no longer playing small. We’re cultivating the willingness to rise and shine and break out of our cocoons.

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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