Ending the Cycles of Self-Sabotage

January 28, 2020
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Our spiritual practice builds a bridge to happiness!

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When we’re looking to change our ways and get out of the patterns that are so sticky, addictive, compulsive, and intense, going cold turkey can be intensely challenging. It can also be incredibly helpful. The challenge is that we’re faced with our “stuff.” When we’re looking to shift and clear the pattern, it can be so helpful to take a break from feeding the pattern – and that will mean that our emotional attachments to the pattern will come up in our face – and that’s not easy.

The stuff of our upsets distracts from our goal.

It can be a form of self-sabotage.

When we avoid making changes, it’s sometimes because we don’t want to deal with the emotional intensity that change brings. We’d rather play small than face the challenge. It happens to us all, and in various areas of our lives.

What can be helpful is to realize that we have an inner strength that is FAR beyond our knowing – and many of us have rarely tapped into it. It’s ours for the asking. It comes from our Higher Holy Self. To access it, we must put the Higher Self in charge. It’s a surrender to the highest Wisdom within us. The Wisdom is not outside, it is our true nature.

Here’s a great way to access that power: I AM statements.

I AM is the name of our Higher Holy Self – We share the same Higher Holy Self with everyone – including all the great Ascended Masters. (Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin, etc.) I AM statements invoke the higher Wisdom of the Holy Self to activate and take over – miracles come from this practice. Try it and see! Some simple I AM statements I use all the time with great effectiveness are:

I AM willing to have a healing now.
I AM is the only intelligence acting in my mind and body.
I AM the Purity of Love.

We often think that the body is addicted to things – addicted to sugar, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, sex, etc. The body isn’t really addicted, it’s the mind. So we heal the addiction in the mind – and the fastest way I know to do it is to give the healing to the Higher Holy Spirit Self. Let Spirit do the healing.

My I AM Presence is healing, resolving and dissolving all attachments, cravings, addictive and compulsive tendencies back to the root cause so that I never experience them again. I AM willing to have a healing now. I AM grateful for my healing now.

The slippery slope is when we say, “I’m just going to have a cookie” and then a bit later we say “Well, that didn’t cause a problem, so I’m going to have a few more cookies.” And then later we say, “Well, I already blew it today, so I might as well have some cake and ice cream and then start again tomorrow.”

Of course there’s nothing wrong with having a cookie, because it’s not about the cookie. It’s about how quickly we give ourselves permission to venture into self-sabotage and that place of “I already blew it, so I might as well blow myself up entirely!”

Self-Love can interrupt the pattern of self-sabotage.

When we truly Love ourselves, we’re able to make decisions that are loving and supportive.

In my free class End My Self-Sabotage Challenge, we’re cultivating the ability to Love ourselves free of all addictive compulsive tendencies.

It’s great that we can shift the energy around our “slippery slope” experiences that provoke so much shame. Everyone has “stuff” they don’t feel good about. Healing the self-judgment helps eliminate more self-sabotage. The main thing is ALWAYS to choose Love rather than judgment, shame and blame.

When we have right motivation for doing anything it IS Self-loving. When we partner UP with the Higher Holy Self and ask the angels to support us, then there’s nothing we can’t do if we truly wish to.

Some people set out to do things and are actually intent on failing so they can say “You see, I don’t have what it takes. Things just don’t work for me.” They like the idea of being “special.”

Why settle for special?

Being magnificent is everyone’s natural state – your magnificence is SO much more worthwhile than being “special.”

It comes down to being mindful of motivation. At first, it seems that it’s tiring to be mindful all day long. That perspective is ego smoke and mirrors. Being mindful is a MUCH easier way to live. Being loving is SO much easier than not being loving – but not if you BELIEVE it’s harder. You will always experience your life in alignment with your beliefs. That’s why we use the spiritual practice of mindfulness to change the unhealthy beliefs.

Changing behavior doesn’t change your life — changing your mind will. Change your choices and the behavior will simply represent your thinking. When people change their behavior without changing their thinking, they usually revert or divert. They revert to the old behavior because the belief was never changed. Or, they divert the energy into some equally self-destructive behavior. It’s so helpful to remember that mindfulness is a healing and loving spiritual practice.

Spiritual practice SAVES time that would otherwise be spent in suffering.
Invest in spiritual practice rather than in suffering.

We can read all the spiritual teachings in the world, but if our spiritual practice is thin, our healing will be equally insubstantial. We are the ones who choose.

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