Resisting What We Desire Most

January 29, 2020
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We go forward with Mighty Companions beside us!

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Our challenges are always designed to help us. ALWAYS. As it says in A Course in Miracles, “Everything works together for good and there are no exceptions except in the opinion of the ego.”

If we’re resisting our challenges, we’re resisting the growth.

One of the ways we sabotage ourselves is by thinking that things are happening to hurt us or punish us.

Another way we sabotage ourselves is by trying to manipulate and control ourselves and others.

The challenges that rock us to our core are there to help us grow spiritually, and the resistance we feel is resistance to that growth.

We’re resisting the very thing we desire most.

Why? Because what we most desire REQUIRES us to surrender, and we’re just not into that.

We’d rather play small and live a painful and limited life than face the specter of making a growth leap, EVEN THOUGH we yearn for the growth.

We’d like to embody the challenge and change, but we’d rather not have change. It’s a paradox. We can’t have the growth without the change. We’d like to grow without changing.

It’s like the acorn that would like to become an oak tree, but doesn’t wish to change. To the acorn, the idea of being buried in the dark soil, splitting open, and completely transforming is so threatening to its identity as a seed. Yet, it’s a seed that must become a tree to fulfill its destiny.

We’re like the caterpillar that must completely surrender and dissolve its form in order to become the butterfly.

In Masterful Living, we’re working on recognizing that our challenges contain the activation for the growth we most desire. We’re working on releasing the temptation to keep sabotaging ourselves by playing small and living in lack and limitation. It takes courage. And that’s what we’re cultivating – the strong heart to make the change.
The more intense the challenge, the greater the victory over the small self.

When Spirit is in charge, victory is assured! Never give up!

In my free class End My Self-Sabotage Challenge, we’re cultivating the ability to Love ourselves free of all resistance to living a life of Love and we’re willing to look at no longer playing small. We’re cultivating the willingness to rise and shine and break out of our cocoons.

FREE CLASS SATURDAY & SUNDAY: Resisting growth is a form of self-sabotage. I’ll be running the End My Self-Sabotage Challenge again starting this Saturday, February 1st. Enroll now, the first 2 days are free. Masterful Living participants have this as a BONUS class and are already enrolled.

FREE DOWNLOAD In my free class Unblock the Flow of Your Time, Energy & Money, I shared about how POWERFUL trust and faith are for this purpose. If this topic of lack and limitation is one that comes up in your life often, check it out and start making use of the tips and tools I share in this free class.

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