Asking For It?

February 5, 2020
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Let’s ask for what we’d really like.

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I’ve noticed that spiritual students are often reluctant to ask for what they’d REALLY like. It’s as though we’re past asking God for stuff, and so we don’t ask for anything.

There’s a difference between asking for something and begging for something.

When we’re begging and pleading, there’s the feeling of needing and wanting that is pure attachment and it’s an affirmation of feeling lack.

When we can ask for what we’d like, without attachment, it’s POWERFUL.

I’ve found that it’s been life-changing to learn this and apply it consistently day in and day out.

I’ve learned the value of asking for what I’d LIKE versus affirming a need or a want.

Last Thursday I went to the dance program of my nephew, Mikey, at his school. When I got back home, I realized that I’d lost an earring – one that’s a favorite of mine. They’re dragonflies, and they’re very pretty.

I was sad to have lost one, and I had done so much walking that evening I didn’t feel like retracing my steps or calling the auditorium. But I did have a desire to have my earring back.

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about it and I got still and said to the Universe: “I’d like to get my earring back. I really love that earring, and if I could have it back that would be great. I’d really appreciate it.”

I had no attachment to its returning to me but I did have a desire, and I’ve learned the power of desire.

Later in the day, I pulled out the camisole I’d worn under a shirt last Thursday and, lo and behold, my earring was attached to the camisole. Surprise!

Developing the ability to ask for what we’d like and remembering to do it is so helpful – in all of our relationships. We are entitled to miracles, so let’s allow them room in our life.

I get these simple lessons all of the time, and I’m grateful for each one that reminds me that the Universe is always listening and always responding, even when we think it’s not.

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