February 20, 2020
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Let’s answer the cry for Love with Love.

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I used to have an aversion to people who were insecure. I admit it freely because I’m not the only one, and because healing that has been a huge relief to me.

The aversion I had to insecure people was actually to their thought patterns that caused their insecurity.

AND I can see now, with crystal clarity, that the aversion was actually to my own thought patterns of insecurity which frightened me.

Whenever there’s aversion, there’s fear.

When we dislike something intensely, we’re threatened by it. It doesn’t matter if we’re seeing it in ourselves or others.

When we’re living from our loving heart we can see what is a cry for Love and have compassion for it. My work as a Spiritual Counselor helped me to heal my own insecurity.

Once that was healed, then I could be with insecure people and feel tremendous Love without aversion.

My own willingness to have compassion for myself and others opened my heart to Love and that healed me. Love is the healer.

I’ve said it many times: If we’re trying to solve a problem with anything other than Love, we’ll still have a problem. We can rearrange the deck chairs on a sinking ship, but only Love will raise the boat.

I invite you to consider what you feel you have an aversion to. Think of your “pet peeves.” Think of the people who “rub you the wrong way.” These are opportunities for YOUR healing. When you no longer judge these people and situations, you will be free and then you can help others to liberate as well.

What aversion will you let go?

Let’s be very strong in our intention to BE the Peace we’d like to see in the world and stop the delusions. If we’re willing, Spirit will succeed within us. Spirit cannot fail. Let’s put Spirit in charge and be willing to live in Peace.

Please share in the comments section and let me know what aversion you’re willing to let go!

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