- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -

Don’t Walk Away

When people bother us and when our relationships are challenging and difficult, the temptation is to walk away, to get out and to shut the door. It can be very tempting. Many times I see people who feel threatened when a relationship is in jeopardy actually push the other person away so intently and so persistently that the other person gets the message they’re not wanted anymore, when nothing could be further from the truth [1]. Many of us can be neurotic and operating inside the neurosis, but not even realize what’s going on. When people push others away precisely because they fear losing them, this is a hard way to learn. I’ve done it. Maybe you have, too. Feeling insecure and vulnerable can be so upsetting that we’ll take on an angry, tough stance in order to feel strong, but it doesn’t work. Only living from our loving heart [2] brings strength [3]. I used to be a bridge [4]-burner.

I didn’t care if I burned the bridges in my relationships, because I was NEVER going back to where I felt vulnerable and insecure.

Why would I? Or, so I thought. Now, I’m not interested in burning any bridges.

I’m interested in cultivating relationships to last a lifetime and beyond.

And I have to accept that not everyone feels this way, and that’s temporary. It’s temporary because we’re all eternally One with each other, and that’s an inescapable fact.

We’ll always be in a relationship at the level of the mind.

So, why not make it also a successful and healing [5] relationship, too?