Self-Love isn’t for Sissies

February 11, 2020

Everything works together for our good and there are no exceptions. Thank GOD!

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It’s crazy, but deciding to really Love myself brought up so much stuff for healing – and it wasn’t a picnic. I’ve often said that “It’s all good, but it’s not all FUN.”

Not by a long shot.

I’m okay with things not being fun as long as they’re fruitful, productive and leading me toward my goal of awakening.

In some of the most challenging times of my life, it was SO completely NOT FUN. I’ve had to realize that I was the one responsible for the madness in my life. Taking responsibility got me out of the depths of my challenges.

I learned how to stop judging myself and others at every turn. That was one of the hardest things I ever did. I’m still working on it.

I had to take responsibility for attracting people who reflected back to me my own dysfunction. I saw it reflected back to me at work, in all my relationships, and that helped me to grow tired of it and make changes.

I’ve learned to love the mirror that reflects what I’m projecting.

And that’s not for sissies.

I had to realize that judging myself for judging wasn’t helpful either.

And, of course, I failed so often and fell into judgment. So I had to let that go, too. And not judge myself.

When we don’t judge, there’s nothing to forgive. And that makes life SO MUCH easier!

It’s not so important that I fell down, it’s that I was relentless in getting up. That built my strength and endurance. And that’s something I have that’s very precious to me now.

The Lord works in many mysterious ways.

Learning to Love myself has been a journey, and one that I’m grateful for.

Doing this inner work on our own is really challenging. Most people don’t do it. But what I’ve learned from offering my Masterful Living Course these past 11 years is that doing it together, in community with like-minded souls, Spirit is in the midst of us and we become truly miracle-minded. Extraordinary healing happens in our community because of the level of support we offer each other. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

And that’s why I’m re-opening Masterful Living registration for 1 week only!

If you’re SO READY to make a change and don’t know quite how, if you have any inkling that TRULY living A Course in Miracles would heal your life, your relationships and your body, we may be the community for you. There’s so much support from like-minded folks all around the world. New friends await you. Prayer Partners. And a heck of a lot more.

Trust your intuition and book an Exploratory Call now to talk with a Spiritual Counselor – get all your questions answered so you can know if Masterful Living is the thing for you this year. Let this be the year your spiritual practice transforms your life in ways that you never thought possible.

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