To Them That Have

February 3, 2020

We can always offer prayers and comfort to someone.

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“To them that have, even more shall be given.
To them that have not, even what they have shall be taken away.”
Matthew 13:12

Jesus spoke in parables, in stories, to help those around Him understand the deeper meanings of His teachings and how they applied to their lives. When we can see it in our own life, it makes more sense. That’s why I like writing this “Daily Shot of Spiritual Espresso” each day. It’s part of my own spiritual practice of understanding my life experiences.

This teaching of Jesus about the “haves” and the “have-nots” has been quite valuable to me.

I’ve come to view it this way:

Those that have a consciousness of Love and compassion, of giving and sharing, to them even more shall be given. Those who freely give (key emphasis on FREELY) will be supported at all times.

Those who have not a consciousness of Love and compassion, of giving and sharing, to them even even what they have will be taken away.

I think of the times when it felt like I had nothing, when there was no money in my wallet or my bank account, and all I had was debt, or when I felt emotionally bereft and lacking in value as a person – in those times, I still had something to share if only a smile and a bit of comfort.

To one who has nothing, a smile and a bit of comfort are great riches. Truly.

There is nothing worse than feeling down and out AND alone.

And that’s part of why I started offering these writings more than 20 years ago.

Every day, we can support each other, and bring illumination. No matter how down we feel, someone somewhere feels worse than we do and has less than we do.

We can pray for that person who is struggling even if we don’t know their name. I pray for them and I pray for you, and I invite you to pray for all of us. We all rise on this tide of Love. Now is the perfect time to pray.

When we pray, we are declaring to the Universe that we have the consciousness of Love, compassion and sharing. Prayer is the most powerful technology there is. Let’s ignite in prayer together!

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