Calling All Miracle Workers

March 15, 2020

Let us take the path of Peace.

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These interesting times are the ones that we came here for. I know that anyone who is reading this e-mail decided to incarnate at this particular time for the purpose of being able to be a beneficial presence at this time. Let us not shirk our opportunity. Let’s dive into holding the high watch of remembering the truth, despite ALL appearances.

Now is the time for spiritual students to commit to being a TRULY helpful day in and day out. Spirit will guide us in the HOW of it if we’re willing to ALLOW ourselves to be led and guided. Let us step up and be of service to the Light.

The best way that we can be of service is not to be afraid. How do we do that? We don’t judge things, we accept them as they are.

After all, why wouldn’t we when we know that everything works together for good and there are no exceptions? Let us not start making exceptions and finding fault.

Let us choose Love and answer the cries for Love with compassion.

The more we practice, the more helpful we are.

The truly helpful are invulnerable
because they are not protecting their egos
and so nothing can hurt them.

~ A Course in Miracles

Let us be miracle-minded and miracle workers.

A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another. It is a way of loving your neighbor as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbor’s worth simultaneously.” A Course in Miracles, Miracles Principle #18

Look, I know it’s challenging to not make the world real when the intensity of density is amping up, but it’s for this time that we were born. This is the perfect time for us to REALLY go for it. This is the time of our liberation, and we have everything we need within us to accomplish it when we put the Higher Holy Spirit Self in charge.

This is precisely why, every day, I write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it. You can join me in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world. Please share my daily prayer with anyone who would find it helpful. The prayers are also available in a podcast.

We shall overcome all forms of resistance to the Light.

We pray for the truth to be revealed in our hearts and in our minds and for love to prevail on Earth as it is in Heaven. We are united!

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