Life Purpose

March 4, 2020

Our purpose is to be truly helpful by being loving. We are on it!

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I’ve had so many people ask me to help them figure out what their true life purpose is. I get it. Many feel bereft and adrift, sad and lost without having a clear understanding of their purpose in life. My own sense of purpose is so strong and clear – it guides me every day in the most wonderful ways.

If you’re wondering what your true life purpose is, look no further.

I am happy to tell you that I not only have a clue, but I’m also sure I’ve got it right.

I have come to see that because we’re all One, we all share the same purpose:

To Love and to be loved.

Allowing others to Love us is just as important as being loving.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “God’s teachers appear to be many, for that is what is the world’s need. Yet being joined in one purpose, and one they share with God, how could they be separate from each other?” M-12.2.

One life, One Mind, one purpose. It makes sense even to the ego.

In being Love and receiving the Love, we are fulfilling our purpose to BE the Light of the world.

Love IS the Light.

When we focus on being loving and allowing Love in then our purpose is clear and we’re living it. Once we settle into that, then often specifics of actions to take will often be revealed.

I am a minister and a teacher in my career, my vocation.
I have a spiritual calling to do the work that I do.

My work is not my purpose.

My purpose is to Love and be loved. I can fulfill my purpose whether I’m working or not. Isn’t that wonderful? I rejoice in that!

I encourage you to try this purpose on for size and see how different your life is when you know your purpose and you live it. Everything lights up with Love!

Do you feel called to be of service?
How do you feel called to serve?
Please tell us in the comments below!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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