Remembering to Laugh

March 29, 2020

Family zoom for my nephew Alex’s birthday!

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I’m still sheltering in Peace here in New Jersey as the world is turning and returning in ever more astounding ways. Yesterday we had a family Zoom meeting that we definitely wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for this virus. My nephew, Alex, is at graduate school in Spain outside of Barcelona and we were celebrating his birthday. We all appreciated the opportunity to connect and say hello to each other across the country and in Europe.

Everywhere, people are realizing how much our connections matter.

Isn’t it interesting that this virus that is seeming to separate us in the physical realm is bringing us together in the heart realm? We’re realizing that our philosophical, political, and religious differences aren’t anywhere near as important as our Love for each other.

Every time I turn on the news, I hear stories of how complete strangers are risking their lives for each other and extending loving kindness.

In adversity, we’re remembering our humanity.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been focused on work and taking care of the needs of the ministry as well as my own self-care. My biggest adventure in the last two weeks was getting take-out food instead of cooking in. Bringing in take-out is now a whole new experience in this quarantine environment.

My nephew, Benjamin, who has a 3-D printer, is learning how to print personal protection devices such as masks to donate to hospitals. It’s something he can do while home alone and it’s helpful.

Speaking of helpful, f you haven’t seen this helpful video about how to keep safe when bringing in things from the outside world, you might find it helpful. It will also be helpful to pass it along.

I learned some things I didn’t realize.

I do believe that the script is already written, as it says in A Course in Miracles. I recognize that it’s a highly complex script, and my experience of it is continuously shifting based on the choices I’m making.

Making loving choices day in and day out, I feel confident that whatever transpires will be helpful to me and bring benefit to others as well.

As a result of my loving choices, I am unafraid of getting sick or contracting the virus. Yet I’m cautious. For me, the main thing is that I don’t wish to participate in the spread of it.

And yet, I see that there’s an upside to this virus experience. Many people are being forced to stay home with loved ones. It’s always a blessing when we can be together and connect – although it may not feel like it.

As we’ve come to realize, getting triggered emotionally can bring us enormous benefit, if we’re willing to recognize that it’s a cry for Love in our own heart. If we turn to the Higher Holy Spirit Self instead of self-medication, we’ll have healing and transformation.

I can feel how afraid some people are and how challenging it is. That’s why we’re offering more support for the folks in our classes right now, and I’m looking to offer more programs that can be helpful. If you’ve never subscribed to my podcast, you might look it up or go here to learn more – you can search for episodes about fear and that may help you to use spiritual practice to undo the root causes of fear so you’re life is changed forever.

Even this virus is for our good. And it’s so important that we claim that now, especially since whatever the good is, it’s coming with an unprecedented price. We have to trust it is worth it and be vigilant ONLY for Peace.

I feel the good that’s coming is the end of a belief in separation. I can feel that people are opening their hearts like never before. Let’s not judge this situation, let’s open our hearts to the healing it offers us.

Some days when I watch the news and hear the stories of what the medical teams are experiencing, I cannot help but weep for their courage and for the challenge they’re facing. Emotionally, it must be so difficult, especially to nurse patients whose families cannot attend them. Thousands are dying “alone.”

There must be an extraordinary good coming from this.
We must hold in our hearts that there is a great benefit for all.

It may be impossible to get a glimpse of in this moment,and so for now we must have faith whilst being so sweet and caring with ourselves. While we’re home alone, let’s take time each day to count our blessings and extend compassion to others. Let us cultivate these practices of the heart. Especially when we’re afraid.

Fear is the by-product of believing what’s not true and investing our attention in that which is false.

Another option for you to help alleviate fear is to work with one of our Spiritual Counselors. When folks are in my Certification Program they must do 111 sessions as part of their requirements and you can help them by booking a session now. All sessions with a counselor-in-training are offered on a donation basis. Click here to learn more now.

Now more than ever it’s important to hold to our spiritual practices.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to remember to laugh.

To be helpful is why every day I write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it. You can join me in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world. Please share my daily prayer with anyone who would find it helpful.

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Let us take to heart the clear insight and gift that Jesus is offering us in A Course in Miracles:
Miracles represent freedom from fear. “Atoning” means “undoing.” The undoing of fear is an essential part of the Atonement value of miracles.We shall overcome all forms of resistance to the Light. T-1.I.26.

We undo fear with our extending Love and compassion. In this way, we are the salvation of the world. We are the answer.

We pray for the truth to be revealed in our heart and in our mind and for Love to prevail on earth as it is in Heaven because we’re extending it.

We pray to remember to laugh and that everything works together for good.

What is your prayer request today? Please share in the comments below!

Please share in the comments below!

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