March 10, 2020

Let’s get on the path of least resistance!

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In this crazy world, it’s often the case that we have to give up our attachment to what we think will make us happy in order to find the Joy that is our natural spiritual state. Our pursuit of happiness can make us desperately unhappy.

That’s the path of most resistance.

As a Spiritual Counselor, I’ve worked with folks who feel trapped by their egos. A good is example would be someone who is struggling to pay a mortgage.

They’ve come to see their identity as being a home owner, and they’re identified with being the owner of that particular house, for whatever reasons.

They find themselves working two jobs to try to make ends meet and cover that monthly payment. They are terrified of defaulting on their mortgage, ruining their credit, going bankrupt, or “losing” the house.

So, they struggle like that for years, sacrificing their happiness for the idea they have of themselves as the owner of this house.

Then, life makes it untenable. Something shifts to force them to have to make a change. They have a health crisis. They get into a car accident and now they need a new car. They get fired or laid off.

Life conspires to force them to look deeply at their attachment, because they haven’t been willing to do it on their own.

They’ve sleep-walked into a life of managing and coping with the things that support and sustain their ego attachments to how they see themselves. They’ve settled for a half of a life in order to maintain some facade that supports their self-identity.

It’s the path of most resistance.

Haven’t we all done that in something, in a job, or a relationship? Of course we have.

The most loving thing Spirit can do is to help it all to collapse so we can come back to our right mind and stop managing and coping with the illusion.

Often, that shift that causes the person to finally sell the house, declare bankruptcy, ask for help or whatever it is that they’ve been avoiding that will actually bring a great relief. We’ve stopped resisting. Phew.

The house burns down and it’s no longer an issue. There’s a real Freedom in that. Once they get through the bankruptcy or the short-sale of the house, there’s a huge relief. They can now choose what they’d like instead of living in that managing and coping existence.

Spirit always gives us the option to choose the highest, easiest path for change, but we so often resist it. That’s part of the learning. It doesn’t mean we’re doing it wrong. We can become happy learners, but it does require us to give up the attachment to managing and coping.

Have you been managing, coping or settling with something in your life that Spirit has been making it more and more difficult for you to continue?

Ask for guidance, be willing to go the other way.

There’s a healing that can happen if we get out of the way and let Spirit guide us to the path of least resistance.

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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