March 22, 2020

We can answer the call with our whole heart

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I’m sheltering in Peace here in New Jersey and I send you greetings of Love this Sunday morning.

There are a number of questions that I get frequently, over and over again for people who are deeply trying to understand how to live and apply these teaching of A Course in Miracles. The most common question I get is “how do I remember to practice.”

I get it. Things happen and we are forgetful.
We get triggered by something and we forget our intentions and aspirations.

One of the things I share about in my classes is that instead of limiting our spiritual practice to a certain amount of time in the morning, let’s make it all day every day. I was surprised at how quickly I could learn to do that even a little bit.

Make it a habit.

You probably learned to make brushing your teeth a habit.
You probably have a habit of what you drink first thing in the morning.

If you have a dog, you probably have a habit of letting the dog out to do its business.
If you have a cat, you have a habit of feeding that cat.

You learned those habits because they became important to you.
If that’s true, then you know you have what it takes to make something important enough to you to do it consistently.

You can make your spiritual practice as important or more important this way:

If you awake to an alarm – many do and many use their phone – set the phone alarm to a song that will remind you to think about practicing first thing.

Put a piece of paper on your pillow, so that you see it before you go to bed to remind you to think about practicing before you to go to bed and use this affirmation:

I am here only to be truly helpful.
Spirit, please show me in my dreams,
how to be truly helpful.
Angels, please wake me in the morning with the intention:
I am here only to be truly helpful.

You can click here to listen to the chant that James Twyman made for us on Youtube:

You can listen to it on your smart phone before you to to sleep.
You can listen to it when you wake up.
You can chant along as you let the dog out and feed the cat, and make your morning coffee, etc.

“You can do much on behalf of your own healing and that of others if, in a situation calling for help, you think of it this way:
I am here only to be truly helpful.
I am here to represent Him Who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do,
because He Who sent me will direct me.
I am content to be wherever He wishes,
knowing He goes there with me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.”

A Course in Miracles T-2.V.A.18. 

Right now, our whole lives are calling for help, calling for assistance. It’s time for us to stop going it alone. We must remember the unity of all life and stand in that awareness. We’re one, not many.

On a very practical level, we all do better if we’re working together and getting help from each other. There’s an endless, infinite amount of help from the invisible. Let’s invite it in.

Each day, many times a day I ask Spirit to show me the way.
Let me see and know and feel and hear the truth more clearly.
My practice of gratitude lifts my awareness up to where I can perceive clearly.
This supports me in being truly helpful.

I also love music, and this is a song that has brought me to tears of gratitude more times than I can remember. You can find it on iTunes or wherever you get your music. My Soul Sings Out by Susan J. Paul

Here she is singing it live with friends on YouTube:

There are various versions of it and I recommend the original by Susan J. Paul who wrote the song. It’s not just the song, it’s her voice. She was sick with cancer for a long time, and there’s something healing in her voice.

Susan has passed away, but her Spirit is so fully in this song, you cannot help but feel the grace of God. I encourage you to sing along and make that decision to dedicate your life to being truly helpful.

Let us sing for the thousands of people whose loved ones have passed.

Let us open our hearts and extend compassion to them and know that we are all one. They are not alone, those who cannot bury their dead or gather in mourning, they may seem to be alone, but they are not.

We sing for those in Iran, whose families seem to be being buried in mass graves so large you can see them from space. We sing for those who are dying at home because there are no hospital beds, and no nearby medical services.

We sing for the people in government and in medicine who are working so hard to serve, and we sing for those who are acting from personal greed and fear to open their hearts in compassion.

If we’re willing to be truly helpful,
Spirit will show us the way.

I have learned not to believe I know what’s best,
And to have no attachments to my plans.

Instead, I ask again and again and I am shown each day.
We have free will to say no, or yes.
It’s our choice, always.

To be helpful is why every day I write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it. You can join me in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world. Please share my daily prayer with anyone who would find it helpful.

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Do not give over to mind-wandering.
Use every tool you. have.

Lesson #25 of A Course in Miracles is “I do not know what anything is for.”

I may not understand what this virus is for on so many levels, but on a spiritual level it is working together for our good. It has to be. Somehow, someway, that is truth and our job is to know it. Not just believe it, but know it and affirm it every day. In this way, we can be truly helpful.

If you’ve been only half-answering the call to Love, now is the time to fully align with the divine.

We will get through this time and we will have more clarity than ever.
We’ll do it together.
It’s the only way.

At the Power of Love Ministry, folks in Masterful Living are going to be offering daily prayer times on Zoom and on facebook live. You can get notified if you’re following my page for Prayer for Today at facebook. And we’ll also send out an email with times.

Let us take to heart the clear guidance and gift that Jesus is offering us in A Course in Miracles:

I was a man who remembered spirit and its knowledge.
As a man I did not attempt to counteract error with knowledge,
but to correct error from the bottom up.
I demonstrated both the powerlessness of the body
and the power of the mind.
By uniting my will with that of my Creator,
I naturally remembered spirit and its real purpose.
I cannot unite your will with God’s for you,
but I can erase all misperceptions from your mind
if you will bring it under my guidance.

Only your misperceptions stand in your way.
Without them your choice is certain.
Sane perception induces sane choosing.
I cannot choose for you,
but I can help you make your own right choice.
“Many are called but few are chosen” should be,
“All are called but few choose to listen.”
Therefore, they do not choose right.
The “chosen ones” are merely those who choose right sooner.
Right minds can do this now,
and they will find rest unto their souls.
God knows you only in peace,
and this is your reality.”

We shall overcome all forms of resistance to the Light. We pray for the truth to be revealed in our heart and in our mind and for love to prevail on earth as it is in heaven. We are united!

We don’t have time to be afraid. It’s not a good use of time. Time can be used for healing our minds. We seek not to change the world, but to heal the world, by healing our minds so we can extend Love and eradicate fear.

In Spirit, there are no boundaries,
There are no countries.
There are no races,
We are united.

It’s time to get to work.
Everything we need is within us.
We will do it together – its the only way.
United we stand.
Divided we fail.

No more fighting. Just working.
Knowing the truth.
Living in Love.
Being truly helpful.

If you become upset by something,
Go back to your purpose:
“I AM HERE only to be truly helpful.”

We cannot fail, because Spirit cannot fail and we are pure Spirit.
United we stand. One in Spirit.
The Power of Love is awake and alive in our hearts and we have all we need to succeed.

All boats rise on this tide of Love.

As God would have it, I am leading an online retreat in a couple of weeks, this was planned months ago. The retreat is for people who are healing and recovering from sexual abuse. Click here to learn more now.

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