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March 13, 2020

We can choose healing every time there’s an upset.

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The way to recognize that you’re not seeing things correctly is to notice when you are upset. When we’re upset, it’s a healing opportunity. The upset is what I call our “Divine Alarm Clock” to let us know that we’ve got a skewed view. The skew of the view is why we’re upset. It’s never for the reason we think.

When our view is skewed, we can claim our healing opportunity gratefully and allow the healing and move on with grace and gratitude.

Now, that’s an option I like!

What I don’t like is feeling like it’s my job to be the police of the world.

When I first started to share more about A Course in Miracles around the world, I felt a number of people coming at me with their attacks. They wanted to prove I didn’t know what I was sharing about. They wanted to be right.

I was surprised at how many attacking and unloving comments I received. I realized that not everyone who studies ACIM aspires to really live the teachings and to be at Peace. And yet, the study of the Course will bring Peace, ultimately. Our willingness is ALL that’s required.

At first, when people were attacking me I thought it was pretty crazy, and it was. I prayed for those who were feeling compelled to attack.

My purpose was to facilitate a healing, and prayer is the medium of miracles.

I feel my prayers were answered because situations were transformed. To change the world, we work at the level of the mind that is in our heart.

In times when the intensity of density is immense, it’s time for us to rise to our calling and see things correctly.

All things work together for good. There are no exceptions except in the ego’s judgment.A Course in Miracles

Let’s not make any exceptions. Let’s choose to have a healing and use that upset to increase our awareness. It really works.

When we’re upset, there’s another way to see the world and we can find it. To see the better way, we must be willing to see beyond our projections. This is a skill we can cultivate. It’s what I’m training myself to do and showing others how to do.

A change of view is an inside job and it’s a great job to have!

Will you live in Peace? Or will you repeat the past?

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