- Jennifer Hadley - https://jenniferhadley.com -


One of the most helpful [1] lessons I’ve ever learned is that when I don’t feel good, it’s an opportunity to let off a thought, belief or idea that no longer serves me. Good riddance, I say!

It used to be that if I felt down about something or hurt or upset [2] in some way I’d feel like something was wrong. Often, I’d feel that something was wrong with ME and that’s why I was upset.

I’d get so weighted down by a belief that there was something wrong with me and I’d spiral into a place of unhappiness and upset and avoidance. That doesn’t happen to me anymore. In fact, I can’t recall that last time I felt that way.

And here’s why: I started taking those upsets as an opportunity to have a healing and transformation.

Instead of a curse, they’re a blessing.

BUT, we do have to choose the healing [3] in order to experience the greatest blessing. If we don’t choose healing, then the upset is just another bit of pain pushing us to choose healing.

The more we choose to extend Love and be loving, the less interested in pain we’ll be.

The more healing we have, the more happiness we have.

We are no longer a vibrational match for the pain.
The patterns of upset dissolve and we live life without them.

Extending Love and being loving is selfless.
There’s no expectation of getting ANYTHING in return, not even a smile [4] or a thank you.

Anyone who’s feeling resentful because they believe they’re not getting the appreciation they deserve, is just manipulating people to give them something in return for their gift.

That’s not really a gift [5] is it?

Now’s a great time for us to become great givers, and also great receivers of Love.

It’s also a great time to quit addictive tendencies.

Cravings are a cry for healing as well.

To get the healing we desire, we partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, affirm our willingness and welcome the healing. It might not be fun, but it’s definitely productive!