Stay Home, Be Safe, Be Helpful

April 2, 2020
Stay Home, Be Safe, Be Helpful

We’ll find our way through this.

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One of the things I see happening is that many of us are having a common experience. All over the world, BILLIONS of people are staying at home, working from home or laid off from jobs, or home from school and we’re all making the best of it – or we’re working to get the services necessary for the people who’re staying at home.

I like to watch the late night comedy shows with hosts like Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Samantha Bee and Jimmy Fallon. They’re all working from home and their families are pitching in as camera crews and support. It’s sweet to watch them.

While David Geffen might be in a huge yacht in the ocean, most of us are having a totally different experience.

Rock stars, movie stars, and TV stars are all staying at home and they’re looking to see how they can be helpful. Being helpful is a really good way to pass the time. We can all be helpful in one way or another.

It’s our time to rise and shine.

Today is my Sacred Circle day and I feel that we value it even more in this time of staying home. Certainly those of us in Masterful Living are appreciating our connections and gatherings more. We’re adding extra sessions for us to gather and connect in this community and everyone is showing up, sharing the Love, and the gratitude is so palpable.

Right now, parents who aren’t usually at home all day with their little ones are discovering a whole new world in lockdown. Many are finding their worlds turned upside down.

Introverts like me are doing well. But people who like lots of connection are having to find it in new ways. See if you can find out who needs connection but doesn’t know how to reach out.

Some people are having trouble sleeping.
Some are having panic attacks.
Some are bored.
Some are having a lot more work to do.

Do you know who is experiencing what in your circle? Reach out, find out.

The main thing is that if we don’t have to leave home for work, we’re staying home and staying safe.

We’re being responsible. After all, the healthcare workers have enough to deal with already.

Even if you don’t feel you’ll be subject to the virus, let’s all pitch in to a new level of responsibility and caring for our brothers and sisters. I found this video to be helpful, inspiring, and informative. And let’s help others feel good about it, too.

It’s also important to remember to laugh.  A friend who is home with little ones sent me this meme and it made me laugh. I also posted it on my personal Facebook.

I think my favorites are the lecture series. Especially, “How to stop making unnecessary noise.”  Which part is your favorite? Do you have one to add?  Please share in the comments below!

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