Being of Service

May 6, 2020
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When we serve each other, we serve the Light in ALL.

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We’ve been encouraged to “dance as though no one is watching.” What about being of service as though no one is watching?

One of the ways that we truly know we’re free is when we’re no longer watching to see what anyone else thinks of what we’re doing. We’re feeling free when we can go about our business, following our heart’s desire, and not looking over our shoulder. We become good listeners.

Clearly receiving inspiration and insight from our Higher Holy Spirit Self.

If we love what we do, and we enjoy it and feel good about it, is that enough? Or do we need someone else to acknowledge it? Of course I appreciate all the appreciation I receive, but it’s not why I feel moved to share.

I greatly enjoy sharing. I enjoy making these prayers every day and writing my Spiritual Espresso. That’s why I do it. I enjoy feeling the connection with everyone who participates. I also enjoy being helpful, and being of service. It feels like my “home space.”

Energetically, I feel the giving and receiving of Love every single day by offering the prayers and receiving the connection of others. It’s lovely.

I’m so glad Spirit inspired me to begin this as part of my spiritual practice.

When we serve each other, we serve the Light in ALL.

There was a time in my life when I would be of service, volunteer and do many other things to go out of my way to get noticed and appreciated. Phew! It was exhausting, because I was trying to fill an endless need.

It always sucked the joy out of things for me. Giving in order to get something in return affirms our sense of lack and so it increase the feeling of lack. No matter how well people respond to us and give back, if we’re giving in order to get, it only digs the hole of needing, wanting, and craving even deeper.

I see one of the challenges many spiritual seekers have, Ministers and practitioners – is that sometimes we’re giving service to get noticed. Giving to get is always going to lead to suffering. Even ministers like to feel that they’re special.

Some might say that ministers like to feel special MORE than most. I get it.

I am so not interested in specialness anymore. I really see it as a path of misery.

I’m not interested in suffering anymore! I love the way it feels when I give and share like no one is watching and it’s just because I feel inspired! Let’s all serve as though no one is watching.

That’s such a sweet Spirit connection to live in! To have, give all to all!

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