Breaking the Habit of Lack

May 26, 2020

We are ending the habit of lack and choosing our true spiritual nature which IS Prosperity!

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The spiritual student who desires to become truly masterful will ultimately come to the awareness that willingness to accept total responsibility for everything in their life is the way out of hell. In actuality, there is no other way out. Responsibility is the only way. It’s the only way to true prosperity.

Willingness to accept the responsibility is the first step. It is the key that turns the lock. To open the door one must next have the willingness to lay all blame aside. The only way anyone’s personality (ego) can allow themselves to take full responsibility for every moment, every situation, every circumstance and occurrence in their lives is to leave all blame and shame behind.

100% responsibility and 0% blame, that’s the key to stepping firmly onto the path of spiritual awakening. Laying all blame aside requires a practice of non-judgment. Non-judgment is what true forgiveness is.

Forgiveness is the cure for all of our experiences of lack.

If we look around your life and can see a lot of lack, then know it can be changed. We have the power to change it. In fact, no one outside of ourselves has the power to change it. No one giving us money, a job, Love, support or anything will change our experience of lack for more than a moment. Unless we surrender our belief in lack and attack our life cannot become truly prosperous.

Our experience of lack was created by a lack of Love.

We are in charge of how much Love flows through our life, our heart, and our mind. No one else can increase or decrease the amount of Love in our life. It’s our belief in attack that causes the lack. Attack thoughts are lack of Love thoughts. Attack thoughts are judgments. Judgments are unforgiveness.

The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains … There are no idle thoughts.” ~ A Course in Miracles

A belief in lack of Love is the only “problem.”

When we’re being loving, extending Love and shining forth Love without attachment to getting anything back and your lack attack will end. We can be vigilant and seek out all hidden resentments, release the judgments and open to receive. Start today, why delay your prosperity?

I AM willing to be the Love I’d like to experience in my world. Love is healing my life! I AM healing my life by choosing Love NOW. Love is my Abundance and Prosperity!

It’s so much easier to deepen our spiritual practice, heal our lives and start sharing our gifts and talents, rather than continue digging a deeper hole of confusion. A little willingness turns the tide. A committed spiritual practice of forgiveness brings on a complete shift into Abundance. It works! Prove it for yourself!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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