Cure for Worry

May 11, 2020

Learning to pray was my answered prayer! How cool is that?

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The worried mind has invested in the idea that some thing other than God is happening and that other thing is working against them.

The worried person has come to believe they are on their own.
Spirit has left them.

Their faith is in their own ability to defend themselves against the world.
And they know they cannot do it.

It cannot be done, because the true attack, is coming from inside their own mind.

Nothing in the world will ever cause them to feel safe for more than a moment because the issue is not in the world, it’s in their perspective of the world.

This is very intense for the person.

The worried person does not make good decisions, helpful decisions or wise decisions, because they’re operating from false evidence appearing real. Worry = Fear. When our interpretations of the world are incorrect, it’s impossible to make good decisions.


F undamental
E rror is
A voiding
R esponsibility

Rather than accept responsibility for how they feel and the poor decisions they’ve made and are making, the fearful person blames the fear on what’s occurring in the world – convinced that fear is based on situations and circumstances – which it fundamentally isn’t.

The worried mind looks to gather the evidence to support the theory that there is another power that’s more powerful than the Divine and they must defend themselves against it. They must fend for themselves.

The worried mind manages and copes with the problem of fear without ever solving the problem of fear.

The worried mind pours gasoline on the fire and then complains about the heat.

I’ve been there. We’ve ALL been there.
It’s part of our learning. It’s part of the curriculum.
We’re not fools. We’re not idiots. We’re not losers.

We’re learners.

What is the cure for the worried mind?

In my classes I say, Prove God in your life.

Prove God. Don’t just talk about it, read about it, think about it. PROVE GOD works in our lives.

There’s no substitute for knowing the truth. The truth is liberating.
When we prove it, we’ll know it forever, to our bones,
and that’s worth EVERYTHING.
that’s the END OF ALL FEAR.

Prove what’s true about God and you’ll never regret it.

When we’re intent on the truth, that which is false easily falls away.

For me, the spiritual practice that has been the most helpful is prayer.

I have witnessed prayer change my life, my relationships, my finances, my friendships, every aspect of my experience.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that prayer “is the medium of miracles.” Prayer is the divine soil in which we plant the deep desires of our heart so they bloom and grow to fruition.

AND it’s a real training to learn to make the prayer and leave it on the altar, and not take it back, not start trying to work our own will.

In the ACIM booklet Song of Prayer we’re told, “Prayer is the greatest gift with which God blessed His Son at his creation.”

Think about that!

Prayer is THE GREATEST gift we’ve been given and blessed by God with.

Get it?

For me, learning to pray was my answered prayer. How cool is that?

Jesus tells us, “Prayer is a way offered by the Holy Spirit to reach God.” Prayer is the way we can reach our creator and that IS the greatest blessing we can have – to be connected with God, our creator.

My confidence in the power of prayer comes not from anything I am doing, it comes entirely from my KNOWING that God receives and responds to every prayer of the heart because I’ve proven it.

We’re always heard. And the prayer is always answered.

We may choose to reject the answered prayer, but it’s always given.

Perhaps the prayer isn’t answered in the way we would wish for, but in the highest and best way that we’ll receive. Many times, our prayer is for something specific that may not be for our highest and best good. Many times, our prayer is for something that will actually get in the way of our happiness.

How crazy is that?
Again, we’re learners, learning from crazy choices.

We may pray for something that’s not for our highest good. Haven’t we all done that?
If we believe that a particular relationship, say, a marriage, staying together is definitely the answered prayer, or staying in a particular job, and we pray for that, aren’t we really praying for happiness? For Love? For healing and Prosperity? We just happen to think that the relationship with that particular person, or that special job represents all that we’d like, and so that’s why we want it.

Spirit knows the prayer of our heart – so perhaps that relationship will seem to end – so the true prayer can be truly answered with another person for whom we’re better suited can find us. Perhaps having three months of unemployment, while the perfect job for us lines up for us is actually the answered prayer.

We don’t actually know what’s best for us.
And even if we did,
we may not choose it.
We might reject it.
We’ve done it many times before.

I pray for truth to be revealed.
I pray for Love to prevail.
I pray to be receptive to the good.
I pray to let the causes of suffering go.
I pray to love without conditions.

If you’re interested, TODAY I’m starting my Prayer Power class, and soon I’ll be offering my Stop Playing Small Retreat online.

I would love to share with you the basics of what I’ve learned about HOW to pray effectively and use prayer as a power tool for changing our mind, our life, and to eliminate our blocks to Love.

If this is the right step for you right now, you will absolutely know it with your heart.

If you’d like to PROVE GOD with me, I will be so glad to stand with you, because I know that having the proof is the best medicine for a worried mind. Faith in God is the answer to all worries.

It may seem impossible, but that’s only for people who put their faith in their own perceptions.

Willingness is the requirement. A little or a lot. I’ll take whatever you’ve got.

Let’s do it together!

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