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May 23, 2020

As wonderful as they are, sometimes cats are not enough.

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I spoke with a friend yesterday who told me of a 14 year old’s recent suicide attempt. Most of us are aware that suicides and suicide attempts have been increased because of the pressure people are feeling, the inner intensity as a result of the layoffs, the financial pressures, too much time alone.

It’s really important to take time each day to get still and “feel around.” Ask Spirit if anyone you know could use a call or some kind of visit.

It’s a wonderful way to be of service and it means so much.

It could be life saving.

When I was in NJ back in April, staying with my brother’s family, I saw people visiting in the neighborhood. Friends would drive over, and do social distancing conversations in the yard.

As I reported last Sunday, on my drive through Vermont over the weekend I saw many groups out in the yard, social distancing in circles around fires, in lawn chairs, wrapped in blankets.

We’re social beings. Even anti-social people still do better when they’re around others from time to time.

When I lived in Los Angeles, for more than a decade I spoke at Agape’s Sunday night church service.

I often felt that many of the people who were there came because they’d just had too much time on their own over the weekend.

For many people their own mind is the unsafest place in the world.

We can make a big difference in someone’s life by reaching out to them, connecting, saying hi. A little bit of contact can make a huge difference. Think of those you know that don’t have many relatives or friends.

People who relied heavily on their church community are challenged. Many churches are having online services, but many are not.

We started our online service, Sundays with Spirit, for just this reason.

I’ve really been enjoying the community and connections. It feels very healing to me and I’m so glad we can do it. We’re doing out part to support people in feeling connected.

I have a group of friends who are my prayer partners and we’ve been meeting for about 23 years. We meet weekly for about 30 minutes to pray and connect. In the last month or so we’ve been meeting twice a week for up to an hour. We find we’d like more time to connect.

Please go that extra mile to see whom you might be able to support right now. Get on zoom or FaceTime with them. Make a plan to drive to their house, stand in the yard and just say hello for a bit. Nothing fancy. Maybe go for a walk in the park.

I have loved ones who have been having many days of rain, and that’s made it harder to endure the sheltering in place. Maybe check the weather where your loved ones are if they’re not nearby. See how they’re affected.

This weekend, I’m participating in an online conference called A New Beginning World Conference. You can join us – and there are exceptional scholarship options! Just ask! Click below to learn more.

Here in the USA it’s Memorial Day weekend which is a major holiday weekend filled with food, folks, and family gatherings. It’s going to be a different story this year. If you’re at home, perhaps you can join us at the conference. There are lots of wonderful speakers and I’m sure you’ll be inspired and uplifted.

My Stop Playing Small Online Retreat is two week’s away. We’re going to bring on an extraordinary breakthrough. We’re all RIPE for a shift and now is the perfect time to do this work. We deserve our own healing attention!

We can’t use excuses like travel and other things because it’s online. If you’re of a mind to make a change and would like some support to go for it, come join us – it will be EXTRAORDINARY! It always is. I love retreats and this one will be SO beneficial. I can feel it. Click here now to learn more.

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