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May 29, 2020
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Everything works together for good, even dandelions! A view of the lawn at the Sunray Meditation Society Peace Village where I’ve been going each summer since 2006.

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Here in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the dandelions are all but taking over.  I’ve never seen so many dandelions!  Yes, they’re a highly invasive weed, but they are SO beneficial for the bees!

Right now, we need to be super supportive of the bees – as life is very challenging for them these days and we need bees for our survival.  Planting in the garden in Maine and in Vermont, I like to plant things that are especially supportive of butterflies and bees.  They give us so much, let’s give back to them.

If you’re planting in the garden you can specifically ask for some plants that are most supportive to those wonderful pollinators, bees and butterflies and they will bring so much benefit to the garden.  Who doesn’t love to see butterflies in the garden?

It’s true that world pollution is much affected by our sheltering in place.  Just look at these pictures of the difference it’s made in New Delhi, India!

AND isn’t amazing that the increase in air quality affects the impact of the Covid-19 virus?

The less pollution, the healthier we are and the less susceptible to the virus.  Wow!

Plus, right now, the sun, around which we orbit, has gone into “solar minimum.”  Which means there’s far less solar activity right now, which is HUGELY supportive of our need to cool the planet down.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that our thoughts have an effect on the world.  So many people are very intent on reducing pollution, reducing global warming, and caring for the environment and this virus is actually helping with that.  It’s the silver lining in a very dark cloud.

Let’s use our mind very consciously and work together to affirm the good we’d like to see is occurring.  Together, let’s know that we’re calling forth the world we’d like to see.

The new heaven and the new earth can be our reality.

Let us make it so!


And let’s help the butterflies and the bees so they can help us!

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