No Blame, No Upset

May 8, 2020

No more blame game! It’s time to wake up!

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It’s quite valuable for us to remember that when people are upset with us, it’s really NOT personal. It can SEEM so personal, but it’s not. It can be really confrontational, and difficult to remember that its not personal, but it’s SO worth it.

Think about it, when you feel upset because of what someone is doing, aren’t you actually upset because of how you are judging them?

It’s our judgment that upsets us – not what THEY are doing. It’s our interpretation. It’s the meaning we make of it that is bothering us.

When we’re upset, we’re viewing the perfection in the moment through the lens of the past. That’s why A Course in Miracles tells us “you’re never upset for the reason you think.”

When we don’t like what someone is doing or not doing the tendency is to become take it personally, judge and then feel upset, and then fearful. It’s the same old pattern repeating over and over. When it seems like we’re being attacked, the tendency is to defend by attacking which just increases the turmoil.

I love that ACIM says, “The best defense, as always, is not to attack another’s position, but rather to protect the truth.”

I’m incorrect when I’m blaming others for my upset. Every time. No exceptions.

If I blame, I’m the victim.

I’m not interested in seeing myself as a victim any longer – enough of that! I’m interested in feeling empowered, loving and happy. I am willing to receive all challenges as a gift.

I’m so done with taking things personally!

Now is the time for us to focus on HEALING these pain patterns. When the trigger happens, the healing opportunity is practically screaming at us. Let’s not delay another day! Now is the time of our activation.

It’s time to wake up!

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