No One’s Perfect

May 30, 2020

The perfection in the rose is a reflection of God’s perfection in us. All is one.

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No one’s perfect except everyone’s perfect.

I’ve moved into a house I’m renting in Vermont near the Sunray Peace Village where I’ve been going for the last 14 years. During this time of virus I’ve been working extra long days, working every day, and I’m really grateful because I’m so passionate about this ministry.

Years ago, I realized that it’s smarter for me to hire someone to clean my home than for me to clean it myself, because I don’t really enjoy it. I can hire someone to do what they enjoy doing. They need and would like the work. (I’ve been blessed to hire people who really do love cleaning.)

This frees me up to do what I love to do. It’s a win-win.

Since I work from home, it’s really important to me to have a clean work environment. If I’m cleaning and working at home, then I begin to feel like all I do is work. So, it’s better for me to rest when I can and hire someone to clean.

Having moved into a new home, I have a new cleaner. Yesterday after she left, I saw some things that were missed. This is normal with any cleaner. I find it’s especially true in my experience, because I often will sit on the floor or lie on the floor and look at the room from weird angles that cleaners don’t see.

I’ve learned not to hold a grudge, not to complain, but just to make requests and point things out.

When I saw that some spots had been missed in the kitchen, my first thought was “nobody’s perfect.”

And my next thought was, “except everybody’s perfect.”

I love that!

There is a perfection that we can see, feel and experience all of the time if we’re willing.

Willingness isn’t just saying we’re willing, it’s a living demonstration of active willingness. Being willing to turn things over. Being willing to go the other way. Being willing to change our minds. It’s not just words. Sometimes it feels REALLY HARD. It’s worth it.

We can be the change we’d like to see in the world when we have an active willingness!

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