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Spark of Christ

In our human experience we have seen so many people who seemed to have it all – great fame, physical beauty, tremendous wealth and creative talent and genius [1] – and who have been beloved [2] and admired by millions and yet they have felt so completely worthless that they’ve killed themselves, thereby proving that “having it all” isn’t worth much.

There’s no substitute for recognizing that I AM the Love of God and I AM that I AM.

It is the greatest act of both strength and humility to recognize that the Christ lies within each one of us.

Isn’t it extraordinary that we cannot recognize our own magnificence until we recognize that that same spark of Christ is in everyone?

We all have the kingdom pre-installed. For each of us, EVERYTHING of value will be added unto us if we value the kingdom above all else. Why wait? Why delay our having everything in order to temporarily have that which can never satisfy?

We are all on this path of purification. We’re purifying our minds of all opinions and judgments that distract us from recognizing the kingdom is within. It’s the process of elimination that leads to illumination. It’s a spiritual cleaning – taking out the trash that has accumulated in our hearts and minds.

I shall not fear, for the Hosts of Heaven are waiting upon me and the Law of the Universe is my Salvation.

~ Ernest Holmes, The Science of Mind

Our freedom [3] lies in recognizing that our brothers and sisters are the Christ come to meet us and bless us. Being able to behold the Christ in others is what clarifies our own mind. Simply this: We choose Love. Love is our healer.
Now is the time of our liberation [4] and Love is our liberator.

Choosing Love reveals the Christ within.

We don’t have to figure out how – be willing to allow and it will be made manifest!