Spiritual Sovereignty

May 31, 2020

Spiritual sovereignty is the antidote the root of all evil.

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Sometimes when I’m in a counseling session with someone, Spirit will guide me to suggest certain affirmations for the person to use to help them heal their heart and mind. A common one is “thy will be done.” Most people shrink back reflexively when I say it. I can see them visibly pull back.

I understand this reaction so well.

The idea of abdicating authority and letting God’s will be our will can seem downright terrifying to the majority of people. We don’t trust God. God causes floods, earthquakes, other disasters and let’s innocent children suffer and die. Who can actually trust God?

That’s how it feels.

A Course in Miracles tells us we have an “authority problem.” We have given the ego authority instead of the Higher Holy Spirit Self. The symptoms of our problem are infinite.

In my personal experience, surrender has been instrumental in my happiness. Making Spirit the authority in my life has been a constant source of blessing.

It’s a relief to stop trying to “make” things happen.

It’s a relief to put Spirit in charge.

What’s very important is to have spiritual sovereignty over our life. In other words, we would like to be the ones who decide what we choose and even what our choices are. While simultaneously, making Spirit the authority.

We learn to let Spirit run our life.

That becomes our free will choice.
We no longer bow to other people’s ego games of manipulation and fear.

AND, of course, we have to stop playing those ego games ourselves.

ACIM says that the authority problem is the “root of all evil.” Yes, those are Jesus’ words in A Course in Miracles.

Rather than just read those words and accept them as true, let’s consider what they means to us. What is Jesus really trying to tell us?

The root of all evil is giving our power away. Our power is the power of Love / God within us. When we invest that power in money, or a job, or a person or a building or any other thing, we no longer have that spiritual sovereignty, we have abdicated, and we now have an authority problem.

I used to really like the idea that I was the authority in my life.

Now, I have learned to rest in Spirit’s guidance and I prefer to follow that guidance rather than make up my own ideas.

I find it just goes better for me if I follow my intuition.

Right now, I’m very blessed to be able to have lots of 1 on 1 conversations with the beautiful folks who are in my Masterful Living Course. Person after person tells me how much they appreciate our program and what I’ve built. And I’m so grateful they feel that way. Their feeling that way is, quite literally, my answered prayer.

Back in the mid 90’s I started to pray and pray and pray. My prayer then, as it is now, is that my life and work inspires people to get up out of their chair (their complacency) and take loving action that brings benefit to themselves and others. This is what I see and feel and experience every day in this ministry and it’s powerful. It’s life-changing for all in the community and all the people whose lives they touch.

Right now, there’s so much unrest in the world. And there are many people who are quite actively engaged in being divisive all over the world. I won’t buy into it.

I’m not interested in hating someone because they don’t agree with me. I’m not interested in being angry at someone who disagrees with me. I’m interested in aligning with God’s will because I know that God’s will IS my will and there is no separate will because there is no separation.

I can keep my spiritual sovereignty by making Love the authority in my life. And I like how that feels. It feels like I’m on solid ground. And it feels like I have something to share with my brothers and sisters without being in conflict with them or disagreeing with them.

We are here ONLY to be truly helpful. Sometimes it seems hard to know how we can be helpful, and that’s because we’ve given our authority over to the ego thought system and we’re not trusting in Spirit’s guidance. Instead, we’re trying to figure it out. When we don’t trust Spirit then we have the authority problem that is the root of all evil. We find ourselves struggling to understand the problem instead of opening to the solution.

As Ken Wapnick said to me one time, quoting Shakespeare’s King Lear, “that way madness lies.” I’ve had enough of madness in my life, and I’m sure you have too.

Let’s go the other way, which is to make Spirit the authority in our lives, and to be willing to be truly helpful.

Being willing means actively practicing. Willingness isn’t passive, it’s quite active. And it brings benefit to all.

In these times of intensity in the world of density,
let’s not buy into the authority problem.
Let’s not judge or complain.
Let’s come out from among them.
Let’s affirm the good in all.
Let’s extend compassion.

This practice is not for the faint of heart.
It’s for the strong of heart.
This is the time.
The time is now.

And that’s why TODAY, you can join me, David Fishman, Jennifer Ruth Russell and more friends on zoom. David is always an inspiration and I’m so glad we’ll get to be together on zoom today. This will be powerful! We’ll have a spiritual celebration together with inspiration and music – we call it Sundays With Spirit. Please invite your family! If you can’t join us, you can catch the replay! Because we’re going to be live on video, you’ll have to register to get the details. All are welcome, there’s no charge, but you do have to register, unless you’ve already registered in the past.

When you register, you’ll also get easy access to past services with Lisa Natoli, Jon Mundy, David Hoffmeister, Maureen Muldoon and more. If you’ve already registered for a previous Sunday – you don’t need to register again, you’ll get a reminder with the details automatically.

Please pray with me! Prayer works! Joining together in prayer for our healing, for the active practice of joining with Spirit, and allowing my healing is precisely why every day I write inspiration and record a prayer to go with it. You can join me in cultivating the willingness that raises us ALL up so we can be truly helpful in this world.

If you’re interested, join my Prayer Power class – you can get started right now, it’s available on replay. For years, this has only been available to folks in Masterful Living, but under the circumstances we have in the world right now, I was guided to open it to anyone. This class is Part 1 of a four part series.

Just today I received a beautiful testimonial from Mary Vranicar, Former Unity Prayer Chaplain and Unity Prayer Team “Jennifer’s Prayer Power class has enhanced my prayer experience exponentially! I understand and appreciate praying at a new level now. She provides tools for more effective prayer, which become tools for more successful living. Try it – you’ll like it!

What I love about prayer as a power tool is that it assists us in QUICKLY liberating from a sense of helplessness. In times like these, when it seems like the whole world has gone nuts, our prayers are a healing balm in a fitful world. When we learn that our prayers are powerful, we understand that there is one authority, and that is Spirit. We’re part of God. And the Power of God is the Power of Love within us.

My Stop Playing Small Retreat was going to be in UK next month, but now it’s being offered online, so all can join. This online retreat is for folks who are frustrated with feeling stuck and fearful. It’s designed for those who’d like to bring on a breakthrough so they can move forward with confidence toward their heart’s desire in any area of their life. Click here for details.

I look forward to our Sunday gathering TODAY. It means so much that we can join together and love on each other!

May you and your family feel blessed today and every day!

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