Super Power

May 21, 2020

Our SUPER Power is LOVE, the Power of God within us!

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I can remember believing that the world made me feel things. It was upsetting because I felt like I couldn’t control what was happening to me. Anger became a way for me to defend myself, and it was so ineffectual. I was failing so often. I was flailing too. Flailing and failing – and yet I did learn from it.

The ego has no power of its own.

The ego thought system of separation only SEEMS to have power when we choose to invest our attention in it, as I did. And then I began to realize that the power of Love is the only REAL power and it’s a Power with a capital P, that is not power OVER others, but a power FROM Love itself. It is the one true power.

It’s God-Power.

When we choose Love, we dis-empower the ego. Love is our super power.
This is a great mantra:
The ego has no power.
I have the power because I am part of God.

We must be so care-full with our thoughts, words, and actions because our mind is the mind of God. Our word is the word of God.

Our choices are the choices of God in this world. That’s what this world is for – to teach us what the effects of our thoughts, words, and actions are in a world of illusion so that any unkind choices stay in this world and our permanent perfection goes undiminished and undamaged.

There’s a lot of talk in the political scene right now about resistance as a form of nonviolent protest. I have studied the personal practice of nonviolence and nonviolent resistance for years and I know how effective it can be – when it’s done with a loving heart. That’s the key – the loving heart.

When we resist in our hearts, we’re in a negative energy that isn’t helpful to anyone and is actually self-destructive. Haven’t we had enough of self-destructive behaviors? I certainly have.

Let’s face it, what is there to resist when Love is all there is? Resisting Love is what made us seem to be “lost in space” in the first place. Resisting Love is how we forgot to laugh at the tiny mad idea of separation.

It’s not possible for us to hold a negative thought and not be deeply affected by it.

Let’s surrender to Love and resist energizing negativity.

Praying for those who seem to be in opposition to our values is our best strategy for change. Praying for everyone to awaken to their true identity, releasing all thoughts of separation, and remembering our unity, this is the plan of spiritual action that will bring the greatest results. While we may practice nonviolent resistance as a political means, the greatest tool we have is our loving heart.

A Course in Miracles tells us these two important keys to our healing our mind of negativity:

Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.
Seek not to change the world,
but CHOOSE to change your mind about the world

The best way to resist the ego is to disempower with it through choosing Love. When we each, in our own daily expressions are teaching only Love then we’re healing the cause of every problem we think we see in the world. It’s a winning strategy.

Love is our super power.

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