Fear and Self-Deception

June 23, 2020
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Truth is like a precious rose that inspires us to value what’s truly valuable!

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Oh, my goodness! The fear that self-deception brings along with it is INTENSE!

Looking back, I can see that when I deceived myself about anything, I was contributing to my own sense of instability.

What do we deceive ourselves about?

Many times it’s about how people feel about us. We just can’t handle what we feel is really going on, so we look the other way.

I’ve done that.

I’ve let someone treat me poorly because I pretended not to notice.
I couldn’t handle the truth.

I’ve deceived myself about jobs I had, that I didn’t really feel good about. I pretended that I liked it more than I did, even to myself.

I’ve been upset with situations I didn’t like and deceived myself by blaming it on other people. I made them the bad guy. In truth, I was sent into that situation to improve it and make it better.

I’ve learned that if I don’t like the way something is, I don’t give up on it and walk away, I stay and do my best to make it better.

I hold the vision of God’s perfection in the situation. If the others won’t join me, and aren’t interested, then I can take my loving view somewhere else, but I still don’t give up.

I am here to be TRULY helpful. It’s true, humanity can seem like a hot mess, but it’s also the most gorgeous mosaic of exploration.

We’re the prodigal son, finding our way back home.

We are both the children AND we’re the parents in that story.

We have to welcome ourselves back home and each other. And that, to me, is beautiful. REALLY stunningly beautiful.

I wouldn’t miss this for anything!
I am willing to learn to LOVE completely, without conditions.
It’s a hell of a ride!

If you think you might be deceiving yourself, or managing and coping with fear, you might like my Finding Freedom From Fear, Spiritual Bootcamp class with ACIM principles. I haven’t offered this class in 9 months – this is your chance if you’d like to join me and GO FOR IT!

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We begin July 5! This is going to be SO good because I am ON FIRE!

Let’s have REAL and lasting transformation this summer with a spiritual practice that brings benefits and healing for all. Now is the time for us to dive deep and eliminate the patterns of fear in our life. I thank you for being on the journey with me.

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