God Is Not A Racist

June 3, 2020

Love is the only true healer!

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A couple of years ago I was listening to a news report about what appears to be efforts to have enforced racism in the United States and particularly a report of many things the President has done over the years that indicate he might be racist in his views.  As the list went on I suddenly started to cry which surprised me.

My tears were a sudden empathetic response to how it would feel, and how much energy it would take, to maintain those views.  I had this very strong feeling sense of how exhausting it would be to be racist.

Higher Holy Spirit Self said “God is not a racist.”   And I almost laughed.

The very idea that God could be racist is laughable.  Although there are many who would preach racism in the name of God.

It must take a HUGE amount of life-force energy to be so committed to the only problem we have in this world: a belief in separation from God showing up as any interest in separation such as racism.

And sometimes I can’t help but think we all hold racist views whether we recognize it or not.  We are all learning of the pain and suffering caused by attachment to separation beliefs – they are exhausting, and so very limiting.

There are false constructs, such as racism, sexism, agism, that people agree to.  The antidote is to value the truth and call for the truth to be revealed.

The truth is the same for all beings.

There are no personal versions of the truth.

Truth is constant and truth is healing.

My mantra has become:

May truth be revealed and Love prevail!

As part of my spiritual practice, rather than be bothered or upset when people are actively perpetuating things that aren’t true, “false facts,” fake media, etc.  I don’t put my energy into reacting to it because I cannot believe that it has any real power.  Instead, I call for the truth to be revealed.  Heaven make it so!

ALL things work together for our good and there are no exceptions except in the opinion of the ego.  This is the teaching of A Course in Miracles.  This IS the teaching of Jesus and I’m with Jesus.

He also said, what you do to the least of them, you do to me.  What a beautiful way to teach the unity of all life!

The truth is our liberator, let us call for the truth to be revealed in our heart and our mind and let it ripple out across the mind of all.  Let’s start a tsunami of healing by calling for the truth to be revealed.

May truth be revealed and Love prevail!

The truth isn’t that someone is right and someone else is wrong, the truth is that we are one and inseparable.

All joined in Love, this is the truth.

Let it be revealed.  Let it be. Let it be.  Let it be!

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