Healing the World

June 1, 2020

Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with us.

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Many are feeling a mix of emotions right now.  There’s so much intensity in the world.  SO MUCH!  We can’t ignore it and we cannot be swayed by it either.  Instead, I see it as a call for deeper spiritual practice.

When there’s a lot of upset in humanity, the weather intensifies.

The world of form is influenced by our emotions.  We know this.  We see it and we feel it.

There is something we can do that brings tremendous benefit and that is to meditate.  To pray, to deepen our spiritual practice.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce crime and unrest.  It’s real and it works.

Anyone who has studied the most basic quantum physics knows that the observer affects the outcome of the experiment.

We’re constantly observing our life, our community, our family, our workplace, our relationships and our experience and our thoughts about it make a difference.  This is no joke, this is our reality.

If we’d like to change the world, and, let’s face it, most of us would REALLY like to change the world, then the way for us to do it IS to change our mind about it.

When we look at situations that are disturbing, this is when we most need to practice and to know and remember the truth – that everything works together for the good of all even if we cannot understand it in the moment.

This is a practice for the strong hearted.

It’s challenging and it brings up all kinds of doubt.

When we can hold the truth in our mind then its more quickly revealed in our experience.  This is the gift we can give to our brothers and sisters.  It helps when we don’t give up and give in to popular opinion.  Our spiritual sovereignty is truly critical to the healing of the human race consciousness.

Today, instead of judging and going to worry, see if you can hold the “high watch” and know that we ARE going to the mountain top and we WILL be reaching the promised land that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told us about.

Healing is happening.

It’s happening NOW.  This now.  Today.

In our hearts and minds.

It is done.


Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with us.

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