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July 31, 2020

Moon rise sunset in Lincoln, Vermont yesterday.

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For a couple of years, I’ve not had a home of my own and it’s been a continuous adventure in releasing attachments and living in the flow – which is so healing for my mind. I’ve had long periods of “homelessness” and I stopped calling it that because people would write to me with concern and invite me to come and stay with them. There’s the thought that being homeless is a “bad” thing and while it can definitely be challenging, it can also be liberating!

My having been “on the road” and without a home base challenges some people. I have the same conversation over and over:

Someone asks, “Where do you live?”
I say, “I live wherever I am.”

“So, you live here?”
“I do, for this week, day month.”

“Where’s your home?”
“I don’t have a home.”

“But where’s your home base?”
“I don’t have a home base.”

“Well, where’s your stuff?”
“I can tell you where my stuff is, but why do you need to know where my stuff is?”

And then they usually say something like “I’m just trying to understand.” For a lot of people, it’s challenging for them to wrap their mind around – and I understand that. It’s not usual.

People might wander for a time, but not usually for years. And since people don’t usually wander for years, they have a home base.

They wonder why I would choose this way of living OR they think it’s exciting and wonderful.

I don’t feel like I chose it. I feel like it was guidance and I’m following along.

Moving around and being in different places and environments, traveling with a little or a lot of stuff is a constant practice of non-attachment.

I feel my mind healing so rapidly through this higher intensity of practicing non-attachment because It’s harder to settle into routines and to get attached to how things are. It’s definitely easier to stay in one place and know exactly where everything is.

I don’t enjoy packing and unpacking.
I do enjoy the spiritual healing and growth.

We can practice non-attachment wherever we are and it’s deeply healing.

I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s so helpful to notice each day where the attachments to routine are and to make the effort to relax the mind and let them go and try new things.

Experimenting is a wonderful spiritual practice of discovery!

I encourage you to pay attention to the “should” that still dominate your thinking. Examine the patterns of behavior that you have a strong attachment to. Look for your attachments to how you like things to be and how you don’t like them to be and be willing to just do things differently for a day, a week, a month. You’ll discover things you cannot possibly discover any other way.

And the bonus is, you’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to release more attachments more rapidly! Nice!

2nd MAJOR bonus is that not doing the same things in the same way in the same place all the time keeps you present in the moment.

Sleep on a different side of the bed.
Use a different toothpaste.
Go to bed and wake up at a different time.
Try something different for breakfast.
Take a different route to or from work.
Listen to a different kind of music.

If it feels really challenging then know that your healing awaits you! What a relief to let go of attachments! It’s absolutely liberating!

What attachments from your daily living do you notice that you could let go and experience a greater Freedom? Please share in the comments section!

Do you have the willingness to change it UP?

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