July 8, 2020

Spirit is the source of our Clarity.

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Have you ever argued with God? I have.

Sometimes the need to be right is so strong. Whenever that happens, I know I’m wrong. And I know I need to let it go.

I used to get so confused by my own need to be right, to argue for my position, all the while noticing that I wasn’t making myself happy. Oh, the good ole days!

One of the issues was that I was taking my own counsel.
I was looking to myself for advice and that wasn’t going so well.

I thought I had the ability to discern what was what, but I didn’t.
Eventually, I learned to go to Spirit for the answers I needed.
Spirit already knows the answer to every question that we could have.

Our Spirit, which is part of the Spirit– part of God— Spirit, our Spirit, THE Spirit, is not bound by time and space. Spirit doesn’t have blocks to awareness of everything in time and space, to every causation of every single thing in this world, from a slight cough to the most complex disease, to poverty. Every single cause and cure are known in the Mind of God. There’s no confusion whatsoever.

But we, in our holding onto the decisions that we’ve made about the past, are holding onto the blocks to Love which prevent us from seeing, knowing, feeling, and hearing clearly what the truth is. The antidote to those blocks, the removal of those blocks, is completely, 100%, dependent upon our willingness to experience the Clarity rather than the confusion.

In order to experience the Clarity rather than the confusion, we must make a new decision. A new decision.

The way our experience works in this human realm is, we make decisions about life, and what we think life means – we give it all the meaning that it has for us.

We make decisions like “I’m not good enough.” We make decisions like “Dogs are not safe.” Or, “People are not safe.” Or, “Women are not safe.” Or, “Men are not safe.”

We make all kinds of decisions based on our experience, and then those become the blocks to Love, because they’re not true.

They are a projection. They are perception. They are beliefs that are the effects of the decisions we made.

For example, let’s say that someone in our childhood is very unloving to us, and so we form the belief we’re unlovable. I’ve worked with many people, as a Spiritual Counselor, who were cruelly treated as children.

Many times, those people come to believe their care givers, are treating them this way because there’s something horribly wrong with them. They think, it must be them. They deserve it.

This is often what happens with children. My mother used to work in childhood services, and she would see things like a child who has been burned with a cigarette, and violently attacked in the home.

The children are taken away to child services, and many times all that child wants is to get back to that very same caregiver, that parent, or whoever it is, who was hurting them.

We interpret things incorrectly and then make decisions based on our interpretations.

And this places blocks in the mind. Like veils in the mind, that become a distortion of reality.

In order to heal this, we can use prayer. Because there’s not one person on this planet– I’m absolutely convinced of this, there’s not one person on this planet that makes a prayer, or offers a prayer request, that does not have a small amount of willingness to have healing.

Why would we write out a prayer request and put it in a prayer box if you had no willingness to receive the healing and the transformation? Why would we ask for prayer, why would we make a prayer, unless we had the tiniest little bit of willingness to receive the answered prayer?

Prayer is POWERFUL! Let’s pray all throughout our day. Let’s pray to let go of all the decisions we’ve made that are predicated upon a false conclusion. We can even pray for greater willingness!

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