Doubt Out!

July 18, 2020
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Trust IS the path of Prosperity

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There’s a real difference between going with your intuition vs going with your heart.  At least I’ve come to realize there’s a difference for me.

When people talk about going with their heart, vs their head, I don’t think they’re talking about their intuition.  I think they’re talking about going with what they “want.”  

Here’s an example:  

Someone really wants to have a new car.  They’d like a new Leaf Electric Car.  That’s what they want.  Feeling how that feels – it feels very different from feeling inspired to get the Leaf car.  Or feeling led and guided.  And that’s SO different from feeling like “I’ve done the math, and looked at all the pros and cons and decided upon a Leaf.”

There’s the reasoned opinion of what is best.

Then there’s what someone actually feels like they want.

And then there’s the intuitive choice.

Each one of those three feels VERY different to me.

I’ve learned that the path of least resistance is the path of intuition and inspiration.

When I’m choosing from the place of wanting, needing, and craving there will be lots of doubt.

When I’m choosing from the place of analyzing the data, I will also doubt.

I don’t like to doubt myself or my decisions, so that’s why I’ve learned to go with trusting Spirit.

Well, then, you might say, how do you know that you’re getting intuition, inspiration and guidance from Spirit?  How can you trust that.

It’s a vibrational thing.

I feel the vibrational match of inspiration.

We can learn the difference between ego wanting and needing, vs Spirit guiding and leading.

Our willingness to know the difference and to be led and guided by Spirit when we really feel like we’d prefer something different, that’s the willingness I’m talking about.

Life can feel so tricky when we’re not relying up on Spirit’s inspiration and guidance.

I wouldn’t wish to go back to living with all that doubt.

It’s one of the reasons I teach the classes I do – so people can learn the secure life of Spirit – and get rid of the doubt.  

Let’s get the doubt out!

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