Giving Up Grudges

July 7, 2020

Let’s bloom where we’re planted and give up the grudges!

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Following this past weekend’s 4th of July celebrations, I’m still thinking about Freedom.  Particularly the Freedom to BE generous, kind, loving, thoughtful and truly helpful.

If I really believe that all is One, is it possible for me to have a private thought? If I’m entertaining thoughts of judgment, unforgiveness, anger, and resentment and I desire to keep them private, hidden from the rest of the Infinite Mind, then I must be simultaneously broadcasting a deep desire to be on my own, separate and NOT part of the cooperative Love Festival that God is. In this case, I have surely lost my mind. 

When I dis someone aren’t I actually trashing myself AND the Divine (since all is ONE)? Does it matter if the person I don’t approve of is in the next cubicle, in the next house or car or on American Idol? If there is One source and supply of talent, inspiration and prosperity, is it ever possible to “get away with” thinking disparagingly of other’s efforts?

If I can be jealous, resentful and critical of others am I not then throwing myself into solitary confinement of my own creation? Aren’t judgments of others a way of saying, “I am not part of the river, therefore I can dump waste into it and not be touched by it.”

Doesn’t my judging attitude guarantee that the toxic waste of negative thought will stink up my house? If I begrudge others their success, am I not limiting my own ability to access the flow of creativity? Won’t my own prosperity then SEEM elusive and out of reach?

I’ve had all the experience I need to have in order to know that I can only receive that which I’m willing to give.

Therefore, it is essential that I not pour anything into the river that I don’t want to drink by the gallon. And so, today, I’m grateful for an awareness of truth.  My deep desire to see the truth instantly restores my mind to pristine awareness. From this place I choose love for me and for everyone. 

Restoration comes when I can act as if I can feel and sense the Oneness of all life even when I cannot.

Choosing to honor my connection with the All in All restores my mind to an awareness of Truth. From this choice all things are added. My choice resounds throughout the infinite and all are lifted. 

In this simple way my practice deepens profoundly and I am truly a beneficial presence on the planet.  My aspirations to make the world a better place are being fulfilled.  In this moment I fulfill the opportunity felt by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of love into the veins of our civilization.”  

I am grateful that we can practice together!

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