July 10, 2020

Some people think of treats as guilty pleasures - let’s get the guilt out of it and just enjoy life!

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Guilt can be such a crusher of our spiritual connection.

It’s like some kind of noise or distortion that is so hard to take that everything good seems to be tainted by it.

Many people feel guilty, for a variety of reasons, and that guilt is like a wet, stinky blanket on their life and on their energy field.

Let’s get rid of it!

Guilt is not really my thing. When I was a kid, my grandmother would often try to make me feel guilty in order to manipulate me and I learned to throw that off. I developed a Teflon coating for guilt. It still comes up from time to time, and I’ve learned a lot about how to let guilt go.

The number one way to release the guilt is to not put guilt on anyone else.

It’s like I say all the time:
the judger always feels judged
the attacker always feels attacked
the lover always feels beloved

Let’s add: the guilt-er always feels guilty (and secretly ashamed)

Which would you like to feel? Guilty or Beloved?
You’re in charge of your choices, so why choose to feel guilty and ashamed when you could feel Beloved?

You may be trying to make people feel guilty and perhaps not even be aware of it.

When we’re upset, if we feel in ANY WAY that it’s someone else’s fault and we tell them we’re upset – we’re probably, perhaps unconsciously, trying to blame them and make them feel guilty and ashamed. This will only cause us to feel guilty and ashamed – perhaps unconsciously. Next thing we know, we’re depressed and self-medicating.

Yuck – the wet, stinky blanket of despair has landed, self-inflicted. Ugh.

If we believe that we have the power to make other people happy, to fix their lives, to rescue them or heal them and we withhold Love from them, we probably will feel guilty because we might also be punishing them, consciously or unconsciously.

If we feel upset, and we feel it will help us to tell other people about it, let’s make sure we don’t feel they’re responsible. If we do feel they’re responsible for our feelings then we can grow up and take ownership of it like this:

“I’m feeling upset and I know it’s not your fault. It’s my crazy thinking. I’d like to talk it through with you, so that I can take total responsibility for my thoughts and feelings and heal this crazy thinking. Are you willing to help me talk it through?”

However, if we have a secret desire to blame them and shame them for “making us” feel upset, then it’s best we don’t go talk with them. Our secret desire to attack and blame will be known and felt even if it’s not recognized from what it is.

Taking TOTAL ownership is the only way to have a truly healing and productive conversation.

Let’s remember, the ego loves to pick a fight, to blame and to shame and that will only leave us feeling guilty and ashamed. There’s just no benefit to trying to make others responsible for our upset. When we heal that habit our life becomes more loving, more prosperous and more harmonious!

What’s not to like about that?

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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