We Can Rise

July 6, 2020

Rainbows represent our infinite abundance! This rainbow was SO brilliant - what a gift I received yesterday afternoon as the rain and sun mixed to form this rainbow!

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In my Masterful Living Course it’s common for folks to share about how difficult things were in their relationships before they had the tools of transformation. For many who start with me in my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp, they make a shift and they never go back. For me, most of my relationships just keep getting better and stronger. It’s a continuous healing and spiraling up, but I haven’t always felt that way. Just the opposite.

I used to spend much of my time in relationships affirming what I did NOT want, and what I did NOT like and drawing painful conclusions that I’d just keep affirming again and again.

I used to regularly consider the idea of never speaking to any of them again. That idea was on a loop in my head for decades. How did I get it out? That’s what I focused on sharing in my classes now. It’s what I share about every week in my podcast.

As A Course in Miracles tells us, our relationships are the very best tool we have for transforming our mind.

It does take a great willingness.
And it so much easier to do it with a group of like-minded souls.

I used to crash and burn so often.
I used to give up so easily.

When I think about it, it’s so crazy that I had the discipline to hold on to a grudge for decades, but not to fee myself from the suffering it caused.

I’d say “I forgive” but I didn’t really mean it because I’d hold onto the judgment and keep energizing it. What I really was HOPING for was that if I said, I FORGIVE, the pain would stop.

Now, I’m SO GRATEFUL, GRATEFUL, GRATEFUL, for my experience! Why?

Because I went so low, I can rise so high!

Now, when others are telling me about their challenges, I can really use what I’ve learned to help others rise out of the hole of helplessness that I used to feel.

Yes, we can RISE out of the hole.

We don’t have to climb or dig.
We can rise.

With great willingness we can be lifted and carried.

It’s all about NOT going it alone anymore.
Suffering in semi-silence, and feeling alone was my thing.

I really didn’t know where to go or what to do in order to rise up. I had to figure it out. I had to rely on Spirit, it just took me a very long time to be willing.

This is a time of ancient patterns coming up to the surface with intensity and healing is happening in our hearts and miracles are demonstrating everywhere. This is the reason why we’re here at this time. To do our own inner work, to let the past go and bring benefit to all humanity.

We have what it takes!

Spirit cannot and does not fail.

We only fail when we go alone, furthering the belief in separation.

As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, we succeed when we’re co-workers with God.

That’s how we rise up and find the better way.
It’s always there for us when we’re willing to see with the eyes of Love.

Just yesterday, someone told me how my Finding Freedom From Fear class was the turning point for them in their relationships and in how they felt about themselves. If you’re ready for a turning point, please consider joining us!

Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp with ACIM Principles starts TODAY!

If you’d like support in doing this work of letting go of the past and being that impetus for healing in your family and in your workplace without getting discouraged and giving up, please consider taking my Finding Freedom From Fear spiritual bootcamp and joining with other like-minded souls who are doing the same work.

I find that when we do the work together, we get there faster and we laugh a lot more. It’s so much easier when we peel the layers of painful patterns together. Easier, faster, more Love, more Light, more fun, that’s the way for me!

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If you have a yearning right now, to go deeper and fly higher, to open your heart and live the love like never before, come join me. My Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp with ACIM Principles may be your answered prayer.

Many people find that their life, their relationships, their health and wealth is profoundly changed because they deepen their spiritual practice in this class.

I’m recording ALL NEW CLASSES.
This is going to be SO good because I am ON FIRE!
Trust your intuition! If you’ve been thinking about doing my Finding Freedom From Fear Bootcamp for a while, but just haven’t been ready, consider booking an exploratory call with one of the spiritual counselors. They can answer all your questions and you’ll know what’s best for you. Book an exploratory call today!

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