Accepting Divine Support

August 27, 2020
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Our life can be an adventure in positive changes!

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I’m so glad that people CAN change. I’m so glad that I am a person who can change. Thank GOD!

I used to walk into every situation and start looking for what was wrong and bad. I would look for the thing to complain about. I was a chronic complainer, and it was ALWAYS easy to find something I didn’t like or thought should be different.

It took me decades to see that if I affirm there’s a problem that needs fixing then I’m firmly anchored in the thought that the Divine has disappeared, and now, I’m on my own. I have to deal with it all myself.

Fortunately, the only thing required for a healing is for me to see the situation rightly.

As long as I’d like to be a person with a problem, then I will see a problem and it will seem very real to me. As long as I affirm that things aren’t right I won’t be able to see them rightly.

The Infinite has no problems that elude its problem-solving abilities because there are no problems in Divine Mind.

It is I who saw the problem, affirmed the problem, identified the problem, and collected all the evidence to support the existence of my big, bad problem.

In each of these stages of problem identification, I would become increasingly convinced that the problem was real and threatening. It felt more and more like God had left the building and I needed to solve this problem that was eating my life!

Every problem is built on the often hidden belief that, as I like to put it, “God left the building.” It can be very tricky to see that the fear that God is gone is the only problem. Since the Divine never goes on a vacation or hides it’s Divinity, the whole problem I’m creating a library of evidence to support is, in truth, completely a fabrication of a fearful mind. It’s all based on the false premise of: “What if I were separate from God?”

Now, as good spiritual students, we can say that we know all that. We understand separation thinking is the real problem – but do we?

If we no longer believe we’re separate, but we persist in thinking we have problems, then we don’t actually KNOW what we say we believe – and there’s the rub.

Healing happens when I recognize every challenge has come to help me be more loving, more kind, more compassionate, more in line with my Divine nature, more aware of the unity of all life. End of story.

It’s so simple, and yet fear is pervasive unless I stand anchored in the truth of omnipresent Divinity. This is my job. This is my ONLY job. All else I give to the One who has never left and can never leave.

In my surrender, I discover that my only prayer request is for the faith to know the Divine in every part of my life and always will be. The Holy Presence cannot leave the building, it IS the building and everything that surrounds it, as well as everything it contains.

God cannot leave me, nor can I leave God. Phew! Problem solved!

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