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Eliminating Victim Consciousness

Some people are looking to feel hurt. They are actually hoping they’ll get wounded in their connections with people. I’ve been there. I actually have done that. I’ve entered into situations with people anticipating that I’d be disappointed, hurt and that I’d walk away feeling rejected. Many people, just like me, have an attraction to victimhood.

I find it deeply comforting that our true self, our Higher Holy Spirit Self, the Mighty I AM Presence of us cannot be hurt, and cannot be a victim.

I aspire to live in a way that I AM unhurt-able. I get closer every day.

To be unhurt-able not because I’ve put up some kind of wall or shield to protect me, but because I don’t ever take anything personally. Ponder this: we’re one with each other, all completely united [1] and one, can we actually hurt each other, or are we making it up? Are we hurting ourselves? Or are we simply having experiences and choosing to take things as an offense?

What I absolutely know is that the safest emotional place for me to live in this world is with my heart [2] so wide open that I can embrace everything and keep nothing out.

No judgments, no hurts. No expectations, no disappointments. And no victims, either.

It’s the hardening of the heart, the blocking and withholding of Love that causes pain, anger [3], upset [4], and hurt. It’s trying to avoid hurt that causes the pain. The pain comes from taking ourselves out of the flow of Love.

Feeling hurt is a choice I don’t intend to make anymore.

I’m interested in eliminating choosing to be hurt and offended, because being hurt is not a good use of my energy [5] and I don’t enjoy it. I am much more interested in liberating from false beliefs and being of service.

I used to be angry much of the time.
Now, I feel peaceful most of the time – and I’m looking forward to the good that I absolutely know is unfolding. I like this so much better than “preparing for the worst.”

And I’m not a victim anymore.

Since I’m the one who decides how I will perceive something, I can take everything as an opportunity to extend Love or receive Love.

To have Love, give all Love to All. It’s simple. It’s not easy, but thank God it’s simple! At least it’s not confusing!

Doesn’t being open hearted and unhurt-able sound great? I’m pretty sure that’s our natural state. After all, we’re light beings. How do you damage light? You can’t. It’s not even possible, so I’ve decided to stop believing it’s possible. Instead, I’m calling forth miracles.

I’m going for it! How about you? Are you willing to open your heart so much that you’d be unhurt-able and give up feeling like a victim? We can do this!

We can rid ourselves of victim consciousness and share the benefits with everyone!

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