Forgiving the Past

August 11, 2020

Forgiveness is the way out of pain and suffering.

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There’s so much opportunity for healing right now if we’re willing to take it.  This came through in the healing meditation I did on Sunday in our Sundays With Spirit celebration with Lisa Natoli.  Every upset is a healing opportunity if we’ll take it.  

We do have to be willing to have the healing.  And true willingness means a willingness to change our mind.  It’s easier to change our minds and be kind when we join together.

One of the great benefits I see of the work that we do in our classes of Masterful Lliving and Finding Freedom, is that we join together. There’s a great joy in joining together when it’s for the purpose of being more open to giving and receiving love.  We have an opportunity to practice loving kindness together even when we’re intensely triggered.

There’s an old saying that it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.  This is certainly true. And yet, So often, many of us decide that love is too painful and we close our hearts.  

It’s also true that it’s better to have been kind and lost than never to have been kind at all.  

There’s a big mistake that we make. It is a mis – take.  Love is the only painful when we’re judging. But that’s not love.  Love and attack thoughts can’t coexist.   It seems like Love is painful when we’re actually pretending to love while trying to control, manage, and manipulate instead of being loving and kind.  

The ego interpretation of our pain is that love is the cause of it. 

But love is never the cause of pain. Never ever.

When we’re judging ourselves or the ones we say that we love, then love appears to be painful in the egos opinions, but that does not make it true.

If you’d like to have a healing about this, be willing to forgive yourself for having made that interpretation. Forgive yourself for having decided that love is painful, when in actuality it is your attack thoughts that are painful, and that’s what makes you run from Love – you do not feel worthy because of your attack thoughts.

We must all forgive ourselves for having attacked the one we say we love.

 We can forgive ourselves for shaming and blaming and criticizing and condemning the ones we love. We can forgive ourselves for trying to manipulate them to feel guilty so that they’ll do what we want them to do. Forgive, forgive, forgive.  

Self-Love is forgiving ourselves for our unkindnesses. 

Self-Love is being kind and compassionate with ourselves for having been unkind to others.

When I was growing up, my parents tried very hard to control me, and that infuriated me, we had a war and it wasn’t any fun.  Nobody won.

I experienced a deep sense of self hatred, and fortunately I made the decision to transform that self-hatred into love.

In doing so, I had to forgive myself.

And then, of course there was nothing else to forgive anyone for. It was all about me.  I discovered that I didn’t hate my Self.  I hated being identified with a false self, a small and selfish self.

In healing my own mind, and perceptions, about my self and life I freed my parents as well. Everyone lightened up in my whole family when I lightened up. I never could’ve known it would be so miraculous had I not decided to do it. There is  great power in our decisions. 

We can decide for love or for hate. This is our choice. We are not meant to struggle alone with the spiritual practice. Those days are over. Yes, it’s good to be contemplative and have time to be with spirit.  But that is so entirely different than isolating in order to avoid the pain of human contact.

In my classes people work in small groups and in prayer partnerships and they have an opportunity to practice unconditional love and non-judgment in a safe space. They are able to share their shame for having been so unloving and so unkind and a great healing occurs.  

Treasure the people you can join with who will give you the space to be transparent and authentic.  Offer them the same non-judgmental space too.  It will be deeply healing, and allow you to actively forgive the past.  It’s so worth it!

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