I Love the Truth!

August 28, 2020

The truth has the power to liberate our minds!

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I can handle the truth. I find it incredibly valuable.

I LOVE the Truth. I pray for the truth to be revealed every day in every way. The truth is healing and it’s liberating.

To value the truth is to value the very nature of our Creator’s constant and eternal Love which is the ultimate truth of our existence.

In truth all animosity dissolves.

I’m very blessed to be able to have a spiritual teacher who is truthful. Her name is Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo and she is a Cherokee Chief and a Buddhist. Her mind is very vast – meaning she sees way beyond time and space and helps me to see it too. I’m Cherokee by heritage and so I am grateful to connect to that stream of wisdom and learn my ancestor’s ways of spiritual expansion and awakening.

When I first started to spend 1 on 1 time with her it was in service. I would pick her up and drive her to places, sometimes spending many hours in the car with her. As a good and respectful student, I didn’t bend her ear with my questions, and I didn’t make the time together a counseling session. We got to know each other and share about life.

One of the first times that we were going somewhere in the car just the two of us, I told her this:

Please always tell me the truth. If you ever see that I’m not thinking clear or not seeing clearly, feel free to point it out. I consider that the greatest act of Love and kindness. When people see I’m headed in a wrong direction and don’t say anything to me, I realize they are not the best of friends to me.

You cannot hurt my feelings except by withholding your feedback. As a spiritual leader, I depend upon everyone around me to help me be the very most aware, and loving being I can be. I fall down and make errors every day, that’s my learning, I don’t mind that. It’s when people could help me, but they don’t, that I learn not to trust them.

You cannot offend me. Be as direct as you can that will feel like the greatest blessing and the most loving expression you can offer me. Your feedback is always welcome!

I wished to have an honest, transparent and easy relationship with her. I intended to let her know that she could be “real” with me.

After all these years, what I notice is that Venerable is always, ALWAYS teaching me by her example of what she says, and what she DOES NOT say to me and others. That’s why she’s such a good teacher to me.

There are many times I will notice that I share things with people in a subtle way, but they aren’t picking it up. That’s okay. They aren’t open to it yet. No problem. There’s no rush to transform our consciousness.

Being a devotee of truth, I’m interested in honesty and transparency, but still, people don’t have to tell me everything they feel.

Truth is my teacher.

Let truth be the master of my life and my mind.

When I am less than truthful, I feel a little energy shift.
It’s as if there’s a little energetic breeze that hints at what the truth ACTUALLY is.
I make a note.
I self-correct.
It’s a gentle and loving guide that goes with me always.

A commitment to the truth does require a willingness to be honest with yourself.

When we deceive ourselves, others will mirror that back to us.
That’s no fun.
We then decide they’ve betrayed us, but have they?
Or are they helping us to see what’s hidden?

The truth can only help us.
Let’s value the truth and no longer be afraid of it.

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