Not Right About Everything

August 14, 2020

We can be happier without butting heads.

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I used to have the habit of correcting everyone and calling to attention their shortcomings and faults. I would often do it in the form of being curious – but it was really just about me being right. I can still find myself doing this sometimes and I wish I didn’t. I’m working on it.

One thing about me is I truly am curious about learning new things and more effective and efficient ways to live this life of Love. I often find that people have ways to do things that are more helpful than what I’ve thought of. I think of my life as a team effort.

To learn anything at all is a blessing.

My challenge used to be that I always thought I was right.

To be honest, I really needed to be right and I’d fight for it.

When I was in my 20’s I’d have endless arguments with friends. They were the kind of arguments that were heated “discussions.” I liked arguing that way.

A couple of people who both need to be right about everything, arguing about nothing important, for hours and hours. It seemed to give life meaning.

Have you ever done that?
Worked so hard to get a victory about nothing?

If only I could get those years of meaningless arguments back …

I did learn from the experience. I learned that’s a giant waste of time!

Fortunately, now, I can walk away from the invitation to argue about nothing and feel good about myself.

I’m so grateful that I can be incorrect about something and it’s not a big deal.

I’m truly relieved to learn about the errors of my thinking and I feel blessed that I’m surrounded by people who can help me live and learn in a most elegant and fruitful way.

When we use our life force to be belligerent and argumentative, we’re going to feel badly about ourselves, and we don’t need any more of that. Enough!

Isn’t it a blessing that we can learn, grow and change our minds?
Who knew we could be happy not being right about everything?
What a relief!

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