Receptive to Miracles

August 19, 2020

We are entitled to miracles.

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Life is so interesting. It’s full of demonstrations, meaning that life is consistently demonstrating in accordance with what we’re thinking. Life can’t help it. That’s the divine design – life corresponds to what we believe and what we think, what we energize and what we are focused on.

I find that more and more I’m holding in my mind that everything is working together for my good and there are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever. I’m looking for the good. I’m allowing the good. I’m assured of the good.

Last weekend I was moving out of the house I’d been renting for the previous three months. I had hoped to stay there for a year or more, but the house was recently sold, right after I moved in. So, my moving day was this past Saturday.

I had made arrangements to have help with the moving, but one of the key people wasn’t able to make it. That would have been very difficult, but out of the blue, someone else I’d never met turned up. He saved the day for us.

Things like that happen for me all the time.

Expecting miracles works when you really are willing to receive them.

I used to feel that it was better that I do everything myself so that it could be done well. Now, I prefer to hold that everyone in my life is supporting me with excellence to the very best of their ability – and I mostly find that to be the case.

There’s always going to be stuff that’s happening that we would prefer to be different, but if we can focus on what we’d like and what we do like, then we’re staying positive and mostly happy and because like attracts like, the happiness multiplies and magnifies.

PLUS, if we can stay in gratitude, there’s more and more good to be had. Gratitude magnetizes the good into our life. If you don’t believe me, test it for yourself. If you DO believe me, test it for yourself. Testing it proves that it works and the we all have more good in our lives because when one is lifted ALL are lifted.

I’m so grateful that I became willing to be supported at the most profound levels. I have a whole different experience of my life because of it.

We are blessed. We are SO blessed.

AND we do have to be willing to accept it and allow it and give up the resistance and reluctance. We can’t be passive in our awakening – we must be actively calling it forth and accepting it. That’s our part that only we can do.

Look in your heart – how willing are you to actually accept the miracles that are yours to receive?

Have you rejected any miracles lately? I used to reject miracles every day. Now, I am open to receiving them and I’d like to be even more receptive! Let’s do it together!

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