Relax, Don’t Do It

August 21, 2020

We can find Peace where we are. Peace is in our mind.

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Do you remember the song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood? It was very popular in the mid-1980’s and at that time I was working in the music business with Billy Idol’s manager. Every now and then I sing that song – or at least part of the chorus – to the ego and it came up again recently.

When we’re worried about something, we’re making “negative use of our imagination.”

That’s how Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of mind described it, and I feel it’s a helpful way to think of it.

When we’re holding in our mind the vision of what we do not want to come to pass, we’re actually investing in and energizing a future that we hope won’t happen. If we know the power of our thinking, we will stop that immediately.

In this world, people often invest huge amounts of time and attention into thinking about what they do not want to come to pass.

It’s actually a form of self-sabotage.

I can tell you story after story of people having very painful results from this practice of energizing what they don’t want. Their payoff is that they get to say “I knew it.”

I knew they’d fire me.
I knew they’d leave me.
I knew they’d reject me.
I knew they’d hurt me.
I knew they’d disappoint me.
I knew I’d fail.
I knew I’d make a fool of myself.
I knew it wouldn’t work.

And on and on.

So much suffering can be avoided when we break the habit of worry. It’s yet another habit that feeds into playing small, living in lack and believing in limitation. Ultimately, we’ll stop, and harvest the learning from our experiences, but I can say that people also have the option to stop doing it and to set themselves free.

When the temptation to imagine what you don’t want comes. Stop.

Don’t do it. Relax!

I’m for Freedom! Let’s do it together!

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