The Call For Faith

August 18, 2020

Faith, Hope, Love - faith is our rock, Love is our life and our healer.

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Last night in Masterful Living class we were talking about taking offense. When we take offense at what other people say and don’t say, or what they do or don’t do, we’re inflicting that upset, that violent energy of hurt and anger, upon ourselves. That’s not self-loving.  It’s not kind.  And it’s definitely not helpful.

In taking offense, we’ve placed our faith in our past interpretations and hurts, and we’re reinvesting in them.

One of the most important things I can share with anyone is this:

Let’s hold the faith for the people around you.

Let’s not give up on them.  Let’s not project onto them our old hurts.

On a regular basis, most people will have breakdowns and be rude and unkind.  The temptation for us is to take it all so personally and  become offended and upset too.  But that’s not helpful to them or us.

I used to take offense at everything – this always made me feel powerful – it gave me a way to transform my feelings of inadequacy by projecting them out onto others.

We live in a world where ALL upset is projection – it’s our interpretation that’s upsetting us – NOT what happened.  

Let’s place our faith in Spirit, in Love the healer, and not in our own opinions.

This passage from the Bible calls to me almost daily:

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

It’s FAR more healing and self-loving to hold the space for people who are behaving out of right alignment, and hold that they will come back into alignment on their own, rather than to try and chase them into it, or badger them.  

When we’re going after people who’ve made errors of unkindness or blindness, and trying to get them to see, or harass them into apologizing, or taking responsibility, where is our focus?  Our focus is on the error, and making it real.  That just brings more of the same PLUS the upset.


I’ve learned 1000 times that holding the space for someone, seeing things as perfect, letting Spirit organize the healing, and affirming that it IS happening now, that’s the way.  It works.  It works SO beautifully, far beyond anything I could imagine.  Why would I do it any differently?

This is what I call the Divine Experiment – holding the high watch, holding the ideal, the healed relationship in my mind and nothing else – energizing the answered prayer and allowing it to unfold.  Placing it on the altar and leaving it there, so Spirit can do the healing.

It works, it works, it WORKS!  

Prove this to yourself and you’ll be so grateful and forever changed. Change your mind and the miracle is happening – let the miracles happen!  Now is the time for us to rise and shine!

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