Transcending Hurtful Impulses

August 23, 2020

A life of Love is what we’re choosing.

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Yesterday I had the 20-year reunion of my Science of Mind Practitioner class from Agape. We graduated in 2000 and we had about half of our class joining together on zoom – it was a blast to hear everyone sharing and catch up on our lives.

One of the things that I shared is that I feel how blessed we are – like many spiritual students, we’ve trained for many years to meet this moment we’re in right now. All of the work we’ve done to be spiritually prepared is helping us, our families, friends and communities, get through this time we’re in.

One of the things that’s coming clear to all of us is that if we’d like to be truly helpful in this world by living the Love, walking the talk and giving up the feeling of fear and constriction, then making higher vibrational choices is the thing that supports us most.

Many of us go through long periods, many, many years, of self-medication and self-sabotage before we become willing to make higher vibrational choices. Often we think that the spiritual path requires us to go cold turkey on our “bad” habits and that we must control our impulses and deprive ourselves, and I’ve felt that way, for sure.

If we view the path of healing as a path of deprivation, sublimation and regulation, it can feel very painful and here’s the most painful part: with that method of trying to control ourselves, we’re healing at SUCH a slow pace because we’re actually putting the ego in charge of our healing, rather than the Spirit. It’s just one of the many ways we keep playing small, and avoiding stepping into our connection with Spirit more fully.

I struggled for decades trying to manage and control my impulses ALL DAY LONG.

I had impulses to be mean and rude and unkind.

I had impulses to do many things too much:
eating, drinking, smoking, talking, gossiping, playing, exercising, and on and on.

More was always better because I was looking to medicate and sedate myself, to distract myself from what I was feeling.

It took me decades to realize that my feelings were the indicator of whether or not I was on the right track.

I wasn’t honoring my feelings, I was trying to push them down and NOT feel them. I didn’t know that learning to sit with my feelings was so self-loving and that being self-loving would lift my vibration and heal my life.

Love is what we ARE.
That’s why Love is the ONLY permanent healer.
Everything else is temporary.

We learn not to fan the fire of our upset, out of self-Love.

We can learn to let the judgments and opinions go. Judgments and opinions are our interpretations and if they’re upsetting to us they’re not correct, they’re not helpful, they’re not loving.

Fanning the fire of our upset is unkind. I learned this because I was upset so much of the time and I wanted everyone to validate me by joining me so we could all be upset together. I invested many years of my life in learning how pointless that is.

Upsetting other people was one of the most low vibrational choices I could make. It was “dragging people down with me.” And deep down, I knew it was just affirming my own feelings of “I’m bad and wrong, not worthy of Love.”

I often went into self-medication of fantasy as an escape from my painful feelings. I had so many low vibrational choices to either punish myself or escape from how I felt about myself. I didn’t know that I was digging a deeper low vibrational hole for myself. I was unhappy in the illusion, so I was trying to escape by going deeper into it through fantasy. It made me feel even more lost in time and space.

Finally, because of my prayers and my willingness, I began to discover that consistently looking for even a SLIGHTLY higher vibrational choice, I could find my way out of my own personal hell.

The slightly more loving choices I began to make, day after day, built up my increasing willingness. I began to be excited to look for the more loving and higher vibrational choices. It stopped feeling like a drag to “have” to be more loving. Instead of pushing myself, and berating myself into making more loving choices (just think of that! LOL!) I was noticing the feeling of the vibrational shift and I liked it! I was feeling SO MUCH better about myself.

My impulses to self-medicate were diminishing and I was really shifting.

I came to a point where I decided to go all-in for God.

One thing that helped me was learning to sense if what I was doing felt violent in any way. If it felt like it was being unkind in any way, that would be the vibration that would let me know, it’s an opportunity to make a higher vibrational choice.

I learned to ask for guidance.
Listen for the response.
Allow my Self to choose it. And allow Spirit to make it so.

Ask. Listen. Allow.

This is the time for us to focus on being truly helpful.
Our mind, focused on healing, is what helps all our brothers and sisters who are suffering so much. Our choices make a HUGE difference in this world.

SO much is possible for us – when we’re willing.
Each one of us has the potential to bring tremendous benefit – beyond anything we can imagine, because we share the same mind, and when one is lifted all are lifted.

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