Freedom From Trauma

September 24, 2020
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Miraculous healing is ours if we choose it.

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We can have the body, mind, Spirit and life that we desire, even after trauma.

As someone who has been a spiritual counselor to many people who have experienced extreme and intense trauma, I can understand what a struggle it can be when your life doesn’t look like the one you would like. It can seem impossible to rise above it.

I’ve had the great blessing to be able to support people who are the most courageous people I have ever known. People who feel completely broken and damaged by the things that have happened to them and the things that have been done to them have been able to recover, and find happiness as well as a sense of renewal.

It takes a real willingness to have the healing, but that is ALL that is required.

That’s why I was so thrilled when I heard from my friend Richa Badami that she was hosting an educational series on this very topic, to bring together the many powerful and profound ways we can approach this healing to truly create a life you love, even after trauma.

This POWERFUL series is called: Freedom From Trauma: Powerful & Profound Practices To Heal Trauma & Consciously Create The Body, Mind, Spirit You Truly Desire.

I’m so grateful to be a participant and I’ve reserved a seat for you to attend this event. I will be speaking tomorrow, Friday, September 25th and if you register now, you can get full access to the whole Freedom From Trauma Summit.

Click here now to register for the FREE Freedom from Trauma Summit

This summit is for you if you’ve been longing to feel free from what no longer serves you in your life and you’re tired of the repetitive thought patterns and behaviors of the past. This is for you if you feel stuck and are ready for your true, authentic self to shine. Healing is available NOW.

The beautiful Richa Badami is bringing over 40 experts from all over the world, including me, to share wisdom and teachings on the many ways you can heal from the abuse, pain and trauma of your past, whether as a child or adult.

Each speaker is sharing from a place of their own personal journey with vulnerability, demonstrating that no matter how trauma came into your life, there’s a way forward, and you can be free.

It has been an honor to participate in this loving global community that is committed to transformation. Please join us by reserving your seat here: Register for the FREE Freedom from Trauma Summit

The summit is just beginning! When you sign up, you will have access to early bonuses right away.

If there was ever a time to deeply look at life and do the inner work, it’s now. In this series you’ll learn tools that will help you triumph over trauma, so you can have the life you really want. Join me and the over 40 experts from all around the world, who are coming together in this free educational series: Freedom From Trauma – Powerful & Profound Practices To Heal Trauma & Consciously Create The Body, Mind, Spirit You Truly Desire.

Join us here – please click to register FREE Freedom from Trauma Summit

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