Meditation for Peace

September 26, 2020

Meditation can be momentous in our healing.

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All healing is at the level of the mind, this is the teaching of A Course in Miracles. It’s such a wonderful truth for us to really know.   I find it liberating because I already know all I need to about how impossible it is to attain my happiness through changing the things of this world. 

It’s much, MUCH easier to be able to focus on my mind.

I didn’t always feel that way.  I used to think my mind was impossible, but if I just worked hard enough, I could control my world.  Ha ha ha!

We can work with out mind in many ways – and that’s really cool!  

One way that I found was through meditation.

Another way that I learned to work with my mind and my nervous system too, was through the practice of yoga.

I’ve fallen in LOVE with Kundalini Yoga because it’s a strong spiritual practice of working with the mind, and using the body to help with that.  

Kundalini practices teach us to focus on the mind in working with the body and it’s been such a wonderful healing journey for me – as I’ve been studying Kundalini Yoga for several years now, and participating as a student in classes for more than 25 years.  

I’ve seen such wonderful results, that I must share.  Please join me.

If you’d like to activate more healing, I’m inviting you to join me and others in a 40 Day Kirtan Kriya Meditation Challenge. Let’s make it fun together!

There’s no cost to join the challenge – this is just a gift from the Power of Love Ministry to you.

Click here to learn more about the Kirtan Kriya 40 Day Challenge!

It’s my joy to share this spiritual practice that supports us in so many ways.

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