Power of the Mind

September 16, 2020

Let us use the power of our mind for Peace!

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The mind never sleeps.

Whatever we hold in our mind we will experience in form of some kind.

This can be a wonderful thing or a tortuous thing and we are the ones who choose which it is.

Let us use the power of our mind for Peace.

The world will benefit greatly.

In A Course in Miracles, Jesus tells us that we’re here ONLY to be truly helpful. That’s our purpose. And by working at the level of the mind, we can be profoundly helpful to all of those around us. Each person’s mental and emotional state affects every other person’s mental and emotional state – and we even affect the weather with our thoughts and beliefs.

Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world have teachings about how wind increases when people’s anger increases. They teach that the water dries up when the women are not honored and treated poorly.

In the Fear and Conflict section of Chapter II in the ACIM Text, Jesus tells us:

“Few appreciate the real power of the mind, and no one remains fully aware of it all the time. However, if you hope to spare yourself from fear there are some things you must realize, and realize fully. The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains. It appears at first glance that to believe such power about yourself is arrogant, but that is not the real reason you do not believe it. You prefer to believe that your thoughts cannot exert real influence because you are actually afraid of them.”

The incredible power of the mind is one of the main reasons why we keep in place the blocks to Love – so that we are blocked from recognizing that we are the dreamer of the dream.

Right now, instead of energizing that the fires, hurricanes, and other things that we see on display in the world are “horrible” let’s hold in our mind that there is Peace IN the earth and ON the earth. Let us take deep long breaths and give thanks for the healing that’s happening now, for surely, the healing IS happening now!

STARTS FRIDAY:  I’m getting ready for my Stop Playing Small Online Retreat which starts on Friday.  If you’d really like to do this healing work of letting go of complaining and other mental patterns that stand in our way of happiness and Peace, consider joining me.  You can change your entire life, your relationships, your experience, your finances, your body, your happiness and peace of mind, one breakthrough at a time – that’s what we’re doing.

Follow your intuition – only you know if this is right for you right now.

Consider this:

You won’t regret your choice, and you’ll only be so glad you did – at least that’s what I hear from the people who’ve done it.

Get going. Take action. Be aggressive about working with your mind. DO NOT DELAY. If you’re waiting, if you’re not getting the results you’d like, what are you waiting for?

Don’t take my word for it, read the testimonials from those who have done this work with me. They believed that nothing would work for them, and they were willing to do something different anyway. Now, they’re not playing small anymore. They’re not letting fear dictate their life. They have a real and powerful connection with Spirit.

CHECK IT OUT – If you’re ready to make a change, and you’d like some REAL support to make a LASTING change, TAKE ACTION! If you’re interested in either my Stop Playing Small Online Retreat or Finding Freedom From Fear Online Spiritual Bootcamp, but you aren’t sure if either is right for you right now, book an Exploratory Call with one of the spiritual counselors. The call is free and you’ll find benefit in addition to getting all your questions answered. Click here now to book an Exploratory Call with a Spiritual Counselor.

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