Rainbow Bridge

September 19, 2020

We're crossing over to our Real Life in the Real world on a rainbow bridge.

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A Course in Miracles talks about the bridge we’re building to the Real world. I feel it as a rainbow bridge of light.

This is one of my favorite readings in ACIM – it’s from the section entitled “The Rewards of Teaching.”
“To your most holy Self, all praise is due for what you are, and for what He is Who created you as you are. Sooner or later must everyone bridge the gap he imagines exists between his selves? Each one builds this bridge, which carries him across the gap as soon as he is willing to expend some little effort on behalf of bridging it. His little efforts are powerfully supplemented by the strength of Heaven, and by the united will of all who make Heaven what it is, being joined within it. And so the one who would cross over is literally transported there.

Your bridge is built stronger than you think, and your foot is planted firmly on it.

Have no fear that the attraction of those who stand on the other side and wait for you will not draw you safely across. For you will come where you would be, and where your Self awaits you.”

I find this section SO reassuring. It’s clear that there is support, and we WILL make it across.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this life is that invisible support. We’re not alone and we cannot be alone no matter how lonely we might feel.

We’re interconnected and interdependent. Whether we like it or not. Without a cooperative effort much of life would be unbearable and yet there are many times when I’ve felt momentarily resistant to being cooperative.

One of the primary ways I’ve experienced the ego identification is when I’ve felt that belligerence rise up within me and I’ve refused to cooperate. When I was younger, I felt it all the time. That haughty, resistant, argumentative attitude was one of the ways that I would reclaim my power when I felt a lack of power. I’d try to regain my power Now I know better.

Opening my heart to collaboration and cooperation is my power! When we work together we are so much stronger than when we work alone. Working together we can form a collective intelligence that is far greater and more powerful than anything I could create alone. It can also be far more satisfying.

Now, I prefer to be a bridge-builder and a collaborator.

The blessings are enormous and I am grateful every day!

A powerful daily spiritual practice is to find one significant way that you can cooperate more effectively with the people in your family, your workplace, school or community.

By being willing to cooperate I build a bridge.

As I walk across the bridge I bring with me an offering of my heart. By a simple act such as this, I make the world a more peaceful place and that’s being truly helpful. It’s not so hard to fulfill your purpose when you know your purpose is simply to Love and be loved.

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